Derek Howie: from football disappointment to startup success

Starting up

10 July 2017

For many entrepreneurs, the path they find themselves on isn’t always the one they planned on taking. And sometimes the best success stories actually begin with a moment of failure.

Over the past 10 years, Derek Howie has built a name in the business world using his writing skills. He’s written for The Scottish Sun, STV and Scotland’s leading media, as well as big employers like the NHS.

We know Derek pretty well, in fact, since in 2014 he joined AXA as a copywriter!

Last year however, Derek left the corporate world behind to start up his own business – Howie Writes – from his home. And while we were sad to see him go, we’re proud to see the success he’s having as a small business owner.

But as Derek explains, the road into a successful startup career was far from straightforward.

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