Suzi Wong: the power of investing in you

Starting up

16 February 2018

Behind every business there’s a story. And for AXA customer Suzi Wong of Grey Rose Architects, that story started when she was just seven years old…

After deciding to become an architect from such a young age, she’s been following her dream ever since, and even in the face of adversity her belief never wavered.

‘I decided to become an architect when I was 7. My teacher said it was boy’s job. I’d love her to see my client list now’.

Today, only 26% of architects in the UK are women1 and Suzi is proud to be one of them. ‘I see my gender as a differentiator, not a weakness. That’s what Grey Rose is all about. To challenge the industry norms.’

We believe every business has an inspirational story to tell. That’s why we caught up with Suzi, who built her business on her own ambition.

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Businesses start with a story. Protect yours.

Suzi built her business on ambition. Now she’s changing the view of tomorrow. What’s your business’ story? Share it using #AXABusinessStories and protect your legacy with tailorable business insurance from AXA.