Top five superpowers small business owners wish they had

Motivation and fun

18 May 2016

We think all small business owners are real-life superheroes, working hard to make amazing things happen. But if you could be granted a superpower to give your skills even more of a boost, which would you choose?

We put this question to a group of over 800 small business owners* – and the five most popular answers were...

5. Invisibility

Imagine the positive tweaks you could make to your business if you could hear what customers say about your services behind your back. Around 7% of the small business owners we asked would love to be able to make themselves invisible.

4. Teleportation

One in ten small business owners want the ability to teleport. We can certainly see the attraction of being able to instantly zip from one place to another. No more running late for important meetings or getting stuck in traffic en route to a job. And when you fancy a holiday, just snap your fingers and you’re in Marbella.

3. The ability to stop time

Deadlines are piling up, the phone never stops ringing and worst of all, your tax return is due this month. Sound familiar? That’s probably why one in five of the business owners we spoke to would choose the ability to stop time. You could finish all your filing and enjoy a relaxing cuppa while everyone around you is still frozen over their morning cereal.

2. Self-duplication

As a small business owner, you’re probably used to relying on yourself and taking on multiple tasks at once. So just imagine how much you could get done with a whole army of you. More than a quarter of business owners would choose this power, and we can certainly see the appeal.

1. Mind-reading

Telepathy tops our list, with a whopping one in three small business owners choosing it as the most helpful superpower. Being able to read minds would definitely give you an advantage over your competitors. Even multinational chains wouldn’t be able to compete. After all, who would be better placed to deliver exactly what the customer wants than someone who can read their minds?

Have we missed a useful superpower off our top five? We’d love to hear about your superpower wish list in the comments.

*Based on a study of 800 micro-business owners conducted by AXA Business Insurance in March 2016