Why summer is the ideal time for staff training

Managing people

1 August 2016

Small businesses will be familiar with the 'summer slump'. Sales dip as clients jet off on holiday, productivity tumbles as staff daydream about getting out in the sun and things generally slow down a bit.

But instead of letting it get to you, why not embrace it? In fact, we think summer is the perfect time to do a bit of training.

And if you're a training consultant, take note. This could help you with pitching your business during the holiday season.

The benefits of summer

Business is slower, so you and your staff have more time to dedicate to self-improvement. During busy periods it's easy to become distracted during training sessions. With fewer looming deadlines and less work to think about in the summer, it's easier to concentrate.

Additionally, giving your employees something new to do, other than their usual work, will give them a fresh focus and purpose. Another bonus is that, by training in the summer, your staff are primed and ready to go once business picks back up again in autumn.

What to consider

Make sure you arrange your training sessions around staff holidays. You could consider staggering the dates so as many people as possible can attend.

If someone does have to miss any of the course, try to make provisions for them to take it later on (or ensure that they get comprehensive notes from a colleague).

What kind of training is right for you and your team?

You can either build upon skills that people already have or explore skills that would be complementary to your business. For example, if you run a copywriting agency it might be worthwhile to take a course on travel writing, photography or search engine optimisation to expand your current offering.

There are a few different ways you could choose to run the training. You can:

  • send staff on conferences
  • bring in an outside consultant
  • arrange a webinar or online training session
  • do it yourself

Which you choose will depend on both your budget and how much time you can afford to spend away from the office. 

While the summer slump is an excellent opportunity to train your staff, it is also the perfect time for small business owners to take a well-deserved break. Read our tips on how to ensure you turn off and take a holiday.