What’s your interior design 

Is your interior style bang on trend, or are you an interior design maverick? Take our quiz now to find out.

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26 October 2021

Ever wondered if your interior design style was on trend or totally eclectic?

We’ll our home insurance team have been researching just that. We did a nation-wide study1 to find out the most favoured and disliked trends throughout the UK. And we teamed up with Lynne Lambourne, this year’s interior design winner of our Grand Room Sets competition at Grand Designs Live, to put together this quirky quiz to help you figure our your interior design personality.

What’s more, we’ve packed it full of Lynne’s delectably stylish design tips to help you bring the best of this year’s trends to life in your home.

Question 1

So you’re designing your house from the ground up – let’s start with the flooring. Do you go for carpet, or hard flooring?


Hard floor

Question 2

Let’s freshen up your windows. Do you go for blinds or curtains?



Question 3

You're injecting some life onto your walls – do you choose paint or wallpaper?



Question 4

When it comes to furnishings – do you prefer a leather or fabric sofa?



Question 5

What’s your interior design style of choice? Vintage vibes or shiny and new?



Question 6

So you’re sprucing things up – do you go for trendy items or more traditional?



Question 7

Let’s liven up those walls – will you go for artwork or photos?



Question 8

So if you were working from a blank slate, would you prefer a house with separate rooms or an open plan feel?

Open plan

Separate rooms

Question 9

Grey walls have been a massive trend over the last few years – but would you, or wouldn’t you?



Question 10

Exposed brickwork is a trend that is becoming more noticeable – do you like it, or not?



Question 11

There’s been a recent trend for living up your home with botanicals like cacti and terrariums – but do you loathe it or like it?



Question 12

The shabby chic trend has seen a lot of us paint our furniture white – but do you like it or not it?



Question 13

Beams can make any pad look country-chic – but are they for you?

I like beams

No - not for me

Question 14

Mason Jars / Vintage Jars?

Yes – they’re for me

No - not for me

Question 15

The bronze and rose gold trend has been big in the world of interior accessories lately. But would you be tempted by this trend for your house?

Yes – I like rose gold and bronze

No – not for me

1 AXA survey of 3000 respondents, conducted August 2017.