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  • The AXA Research Fund, supports the researchers working to make life better and safer

  • Ask most people what sort of fields they think a large insurance company would be involved in, and they’ll probably reply: home, car, travel and health.

    But what about; investigating the natural defence barrier of plants to protect agriculture from flooding and to ensure a higher yield of crops.

    Or, indeed: the study of how the very aerosols used in things like beauty products has a negative impact on climate change.

    These are two of the 531 research projects across 34 countries that have been supported by the AXA Research Fund since it was founded in 2007. 112 of these projects are in the UK where we’ve received 20M€ funding since Jan 2017.

    “The AXA Research Fund aims to foster scientific research on risks which are among the most important challenges faced by societies in today’s world.”

    President of the AXA Research Fund Scientific Board

    The aim of the fund is to support scientists and researchers whose projects will contribute to a better, safer world – whether that’s through scientific discoveries or through finding new ways to better understand and manage risks. And because science shouldn’t be left in the lab, we also encourage and support researchers to engage with society. Helping to feed the public debate about key ‘society’ topics that impact on the protection and safety of people’s lives to make them better.

  • We support leading research projects on the risks



    (Climate change, natural hazards, urbanisation & resilience, energy transition...)


    (Longevity, pandemics, medical information, heal systems...)


    (Macro economic and financial risks, risky behaviours, sociopolitical risks...)


    (Data privacy & cyber security...)

    Innovation may not be a quality ordinarily associated with insurance companies.

    But then, we’re no ordinary insurance company.

  • Perfectly targeted: how we’re invested in research to make prosthetic surgery more precise

    One of the best examples of our proactive approach to healthcare is a project that set out to achieve a significant advance in prosthetic surgery.

    Hip and knee replacements are so common that they may seem pretty routine these days, but their success will always depend on the accuracy of the surgeon in positioning the joint replacement.

    Clearly, any innovation which helps the surgeon to be more precise will increase the likelihood of the patient going on to enjoy fully-restored, pain-free, longer-lasting mobility. And with prosthetic limb placements, it’s no different.


    This was the aim of Dr Caroline Claasen-Göntje, who was committed to research a new surgical saw fitted with a motion sensor to guide the surgeon’s movements along a planned trajectory.

    The motion sensor makes 200-300 measurements per second, and the computation time has to be faster than the surgeon’s reactions to guide his movements.

    The motion sensor makes 200-300 measurements per second, and the computation time has to be faster than the surgeon’s reactions to guide his movements.

    We’re proud to have supported Caroline’s research project through the AXA Research Fund, and to make better outcomes for people a distinct possibility.

    We’re restless in our pursuit of making people’s lives better and safer. Contributing so research projects like this – one of over 500 - shows our dedication to this. For us, health insurance is about more than just covering medical bills; it’s about helping to pioneer better treatment in the first place.


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