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  • New Year hustle: how to win new customers in January

    January 20, 2017

  • With the holiday season behind us, companies will once more be looking for new customers or service providers to advance their business in the New Year.

    If you want to take advantage of the shift in focus towards seeking out new contacts, you’ll need to hit the ground running. Here are our top tips on how to hone your hustle and win new customers.

    Look in new places 

    You won’t be the only one trying new things in January – so why not take advantage of this curiosity to move into a new space? Whether it’s searching for public sector jobs on the UK government Contracts Finder, or focusing on industry platforms like DesignCrowd or ServiceStart, it's worth looking for potential customers in new places.

    Identify a need 

    If you prefer the personal touch of direct marketing (where you contact potential clients directly), start by scouting for companies that you think will really benefit from your services. Do your homework to find out what their business needs, and pitch them your personalised solution.

    Show off your successes 

    Make sure you have your case studies and presentation decks ready. It makes it much easier to link the problems solved in the case studies to the needs of the person you're pitching to, and it shows you can really achieve what you promise. 

    Build your network 

    If you have a clear pitch, don't be afraid to introduce yourself to CEOs of big companies that could use your services. Make it personal and tell them exactly why you want to work with them. Sometimes a personalised email is enough, but if you can engineer a meeting or attend a useful industry event, it might give you more time and space to make a meaningful connection. 

    Make yourself visible 

    Attract clients by advertising in the spaces they’re most likely to look. It will take a little homework and some experimentation, but finding the right space to shout about your services is important. If you’re looking to expand locally, you might consider local newspapers for ads. If it’s an online audience you’re targeting, Google, LinkedIn and Facebook all offer advertising platforms that allow you to adjust your audience and work to a specific budget.

    You won’t be the only business trying to get 2017 off to the best start, but if you follow the steps above you could hone your hustle and start winning in January.

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