• Ever received a truly terrible Christmas gift?

    ‘Tis the season for giving – but unfortunately Santa doesn’t always deliver what we wish for. We typically receive two unwanted presents at Christmas, yet 98% of us are too polite to say what we really think*. Thankfully, it’s the thought that counts… isn't it?


    At AXA, we can’t protect you from receiving unwanted gifts. But we can help ensure that your business is wrapped up this Christmas. So check your business insurance policy to make sure you've got the right cover in place this festive season. 

    What’s the worst that can happen?

    Christmas can be a time of unwelcome surprises for small businesses owners. Managing suppliers, recruiting additional staff members and ramping up security all need to be managed during this busy time of year. 

    And if you're a retailer, you'll probably be increasing your stock too. Thankfully, when you need to stock up at busy times, you can increase your stock cover by 30%**. And that's at dates that suit you, not just at Christmas.


  • * Source: Gumtree.com, December 2012

    **30% extra stock cover applies when you select contents cover. 

    Underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc. Terms, conditions, limitations, eligibility and exclusions apply.