• Cash flow keeping you awake at night? You’re not alone. Almost half of trade business owners like you worry about cash flow – that’s more than any other type of businesses1.

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  • Are you worrying over nothing?

    There’s some reason to worry. Our research shows that a quarter of trade businesses would fold if their business faced a setback or an unexpected expense1. It pays to be prudent. 

    1. Get paid, promptly
      Tradesmen are the worst affected when it comes to late payments, with 10% saying they’re at risk of bankruptcy because of it2. Be clear about your payment terms, consider small discounts for early payment and don’t delay sending an invoice.

    2. Be aware of your risks
      Don’t let unexpected setbacks put your business at risk. Regularly review the risks facing your business, and take steps to prevent these risks from becoming real-life problems. Having the right insurance in place will give you some peace of mind.

    3. Do your sums
      Our research shows that the biggest business expenses are getting bigger1. So make sure you review expenses regularly and shop around where you can. Keep ‘rainy day’ savings and stay up to date on the freshest sources of finance, so you don’t have to rely on bank loans and credit cards.

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    1AXA Business Insurance survey, January 2015 (297 UK small business)
    2AXA Business Insurance survey, July 2014.