How to get more tenants to view your property

How to move from arranging viewings to signing the lease

Landlord advice

29 September 2017

The first step to finding the right tenants is getting them through the door.

Whether you're advertising privately or through an agency, follow these tips to create an attractive property that appeals to prospective tenants.

Tidy up

At this stage you don't need to do a deep-clean (that comes before move-in day), but you do need to make sure the apartment looks as neat as possible for the photographs.

According to our research*, potential renters will rate a tidy flat much higher than a messy one, and will expect the rent to be 20% higher on average. Decluttering, dusting and tucking in the bedsheets makes a huge difference, as can tackling the "three t's" – the TV screen, toilets and table-tops.

Call in the professionals

If you don't have time to clean yourself, hire a domestic cleaner to help out. How much you pay depends on where you live, the team's experience and service offered (remember the national minimum wage is £7.50 per hour).

You should also get in touch with a professional photographer. While mobile phones now have fantastic cameras, they still can't beat a trained professional with a DSLR camera. They'll know exactly how to shoot your property to make the most of the light, and will have the correct equipment for interior shots.

Furnish it

Lifelong renters and young people won't have had the opportunity to buy their own furniture, so offering an unfurnished home limits your tenant pool. Over a third (35%) of 18-24 year olds will prefer a property if it's furnished, while 10% of over-55s think it's important.

Choose simple, modern furniture – light wood and plain sofas will appeal to a wider range of people, and won't be tricky to replace if they become damaged.

Highlight special features

Now that you've sorted out the visuals, it's time to think about your promotional text. As well as talking about the practical stuff (such as number of rooms and energy efficiency), describe in full the features that give your property extra appeal.

According to our own research, the three key selling points that are most in demand are gardens (57.2%), a parking space (53%) and double-glazing (46.1%). Internet connectivity also matters, especially for young people – 25% are more likely to choose a flat if Wi-Fi is included.

The price is right

The final detail to focus on is your price. A large proportion (40.4%) of tenants say that price is the single most important thing they look at, so don't price yourself out of the market.

Conduct some research on local rental websites (as well as larger ones such as Rightmove and Zoopla) to see what people are charging for similar apartments in your local area. Be honest with yourself – even if an expensive apartment is a similar size to yours, is it decorated to a higher standard? Is it closer to local amenities? Chatting with experienced landlords will also help you to decide what to charge.

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