AXA launches new tool to help combat mobile ‘phone fraud

AXA Personal Lines has launched a new tool designed to help combat mobile ‘phone theft.

31 October 2011

Posted in Product

by Daniel O’Byrne (see media contact)

It allows various searches on the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number to check various things, including: the make and model of the 'phone and whether it has been locked by the network operator. The IMEI number is used to identify the device and is not linked to the individual subscriber.

In addition, if the 'phone turns up later at a shop to be salvaged, a warning will be received providing an opportunity to identify who is trying to sell or exchange the 'phone.

Steve Gaywood, head of counter fraud at AXA Personal Lines said: "Mobile 'phone theft is a growing problem. The Metropolitan Police, for example, estimate that 10,000 mobile 'phones are stolen every month. This new tool is yet another way in which we can combat the incidence of fraudulent mobile 'phone claims."