Reform School to sort out Britain’s disrespectful drivers

AXA launches campaign to tackle the lack of courteous driving in the UK. AXA motor insurance has today launched a new campaign for members of the community to nominate someone they know who needs driving rehabilitation! The aim is to tackle unsafe driving in Britain face-on.

9 June 2011

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The worst nominees will be put through an intense driving ‘boot camp’, held at an advanced motoring school where they will learn how to drive respectfully. They will also be seen by a professional psychologist who will work through their problems on the road and try to understand what is behind their disrespectful behaviour.

Sarah Vaughan, motor underwriting director at AXA said, “AXA's reform driving school will challenge Britain's disrespectful drivers while overhauling their attitudes towards driving, making our roads a safer place.”

There are ten places available. The deadline for all applications is Thursday 30th June, and all nominees who have secured a place at Reform School will be notified by Friday 8th July.