AXA PPP International launches ‘MyGlobe’ – expert support for expats abroad

AXA PPP International has introduced a new online service to support members of its health insurance schemes. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, ‘MyGlobe’ provides a wealth of information on 247 countries – helping members to find their feet in unfamiliar surroundings.

24 February 2012

Posted in Product

Should they need medical treatment, members can access information on AXA PPP International's global network of 10,000 healthcare providers - where, for ease of reference, facilities are listed by country, city and speciality. MyGlobe also identifies facilities where English is spoken, providing an extra assurance to members who may not be conversant in the local language.

Additionally, MyGlobe features practical information on local culture and daily life such as public holidays, travel and transport as well as details of embassies, emergency numbers and safety and crime - incorporating special 'security alerts' if significant trouble erupts.

Members can also find out about vaccination requirements and local healthcare, including 'health alerts' on communicable diseases prevalent in their destination country - giving them a healthy head start on keeping well.