AXA office renamed – ‘Brooke Lawrance House’

AXA will host an ‘opening ceremony’ to rename one of its Ipswich office buildings ’Brooke Lawrance House’, in recognition of a courageous local girl.

15 July 2013

Posted in Financial results

by Jennifer Chilcott (see media contact)

Following the refurbishment of AXA's Suffolk House Extension office and a subsequent employee competition to find a new name for the building, AXA decided that it would recognise the fundraising activities of their Ipswich staff in support of a courageous local girl, Brooke Lawrance, by renaming the office after her. Brooke is just seven years old and suffers from cerebral palsy. Last year she underwent a life-changing operation in America and her family continues to raise money for the physiotherapy required to fulfil Brooke's wish to walk.

Headshot of David Williams, Managing Director of Underwriting at AXA UK

We are delighted to dedicate one of our buildings in Ipswich to Brooke. This not only reinforces our links with the local community but, more importantly, raises awareness and supports Brooke's fund raising activities. Employees have shown great enthusiasm and admiration for Brooke and we will continue to fundraise on her behalf.

David Williams, Managing Director of Underwriting at AXA UK

The official 'opening ceremony' will be held on Wednesday 17 July at 'Brooke Lawrance House'.