Comment from AXA on the Civil Liabilities Bill

21 June 2017

Posted in Public Affairs

Commenting on the Civil Liabilities Bill, Amanda Blanc, CEO of AXA UK, said:

Amanda Blanc, CEO of AXA UK

It is really encouraging to see the Government taking whiplash fraud seriously. In a speech understandably dominated by Brexit matters, the inclusion of the Civil Liabilities Bill just goes to show how important it is that the UK's compensation culture is tackled. Delivering meaningful reform to counter the whiplash fraud epidemic will be welcomed by honest motorists and insurers alike.

Let's not forget that we have been here before. We need to use this opportunity to also consider the impact of the Ministry of Justice’s decision to reduce the personal injury discount rate to minus 0.75% which is not representative of real investment practice and has put severe pressure on people’s premiums and the NHS. If the rate is left as it is, it will more than cancel out any savings delivered by whiplash reform.

Amanda Blanc, CEO at AXA UK