The Unluckiest Van

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17 February 2015

Meet the Unluckiest Van

Your van is at the heart of your business; having the right van insurance policy will help you to keep you and your business on the road. That's why we created 'A Day in the Life of the Unluckiest Van'.

Check out what the unluckiest van gets up to in a day

Why road safety for vans?

Did you know that van drivers are a massive 142% likelier to crash while reversing than other motorists?1 Reversing your van can be tricky; it's bigger, weightier and your view is restricted. Next time, pause to consider the other road users around you.

AXA Business Insurance has teamed up with Road Safety Analysis to present a pioneering study of British van drivers. We've presented some of our findings in this video about the Unluckiest Van to highlight the importance of having the right van insurance to keep you safe on the road.

The key facts

Van drivers are 47 per cent more likely to crash tailgaiting that other raod users

Van drivers are 142 per cent more likely to crash reversing than other drivers

78 per cent of can theft takes place at night

If you drive a van you're 23 [per cent more likely to crash of tiredness than other drivers

Catalytic converter theft has foubled in 3 years

The number of vans on Britain's roads has been rising more than 2 and a half times quicker than cars

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