Dynamic Duos – You and Your Van


17 February 2016

Some people might just see their van as a means of getting from A to B. But here at AXA, we believe your van is part of the team.

If you treat it right, your van can help raise your reputation – and even bring in more business.

Here, we explain how to make sure you and your van are a real dynamic duo.

Maintenance van


First thing’s first: you need to make sure your van is in good shape! 45%* of van drivers spend up to two hours of their day driving for work, while nearly a third spend double that behind the wheel every day. A beat-up old van held together by duct tape isn’t going to be the most comfortable and reliable companion during those long hours, and it won’t do your image any favours either.

If you treat your van with some TLC, it can become a real asset to your business - not a liability. Regular check-ups and everyday maintenance should help you avoid any unexpected repair expenses. Checking tyre pressure, oil and coolant levels may not seem like a priority – but neglecting them can put your van out of action and your business in jeopardy as a result.

Branding van


Just like your business card, your van is an extension of your brand – so it’s important to treat it with a bit of love and respect. Our research shows that when looking to hire tradesmen, over a third** look for a professionally branded van. Despite this, over 40% of van drivers say they have no signage on their vans, and just over half say that they only have their company name.

To help turn heads, make sure your company name and contact details are big, bold and easy to read on the side of your van. Invest in a professional logo design, and take time to choose the right font as well as the best colours. Studies show that blue signals efficiency, and since only 11% of drivers surveyed currently have blue vans, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd with a great blue paint job.

Presentation van


So your van is in great working order with shiny new graphics – don’t let all that good work go to waste.

If a dirty van pulls into a customer’s drive way their first impression isn’t going to be the best. However, if a squeaky clean van pulls up instead, you’re conveying not only your professionalism, but also your pride in your work and your business. Over 72% of customers look for their tradesmen to be tidy – so keep things ship shape and don’t be a stranger at the carwash!

The better your van looks, the better you look, which could help keep the job book full. Meanwhile, your competitors in their dingy, neglected vans will be missing out on the trade your van is now regularly attracting!

Protection van


So you have a great van that runs smoothly. It’s nicely branded and well presented. It’s even helping you bring in new business. You’ve got a good thing going! But how do you avoid any nasty surprises?

Even the safest driver isn’t immune to the risks of the road – and over 10% of van drivers report having been in an accident at least once during the last five years.

Careful driving will of course help minimise the risk of the odd bump or scratch, but taking out van insurance is the best way to avoid expenses that could arise from an accident.

Good teamwork is the key to any successful dynamic duo. If you look after your van, your van will look after you, and together you’ll make a real formidable team.

*Based on a study of 300 van drivers conducted by AXA Business Insurance in April 2015

**Based on a study of 2000 Consumers conducted by AXA Business Insurance in November 2015