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    21st November

    AXA merges claims functions to improve service through greater customer alignment

    November 21st 2014. Posted in Insurance.

    AXA has completed the management structure of its claims operation following the merger of the direct and intermediated claims functions, creating four distinct service channels in the process.

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    14th November

    Can’t put a value on friendship? Study shows best friends are worth £951.60 a year

    November 14th 2014. Posted in Little Things Mean a Lot, Corporate.

    An AXA study released today, part of the Little Things Mean A Lot campaign, has found that despite having 103 Facebook friends, 49 acquaintances and four close mates, the average person will only ever have two best friends, and for a quarter (27 per cent)...

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    13th November

    AXA creates broker ‘big data’ tool to provide greater customer insight and market competitiveness

    November 13th 2014. Posted in Corporate.

    AXA is introducing a new ‘big data’ tool for brokers to give them greater insight into existing and potential clients.

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    11th November

    Kids’ school bags – a weighty issue

    November 11th 2014. Posted in Health.

    A new study reveals the impact of heavy school bags on UK children’s back health and looks at ways to help alleviate the heavy school load.

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    5th November

    AXA urges the nation’s small businesses to avoid insurance scares

    November 5th 2014. Posted in SME Insurance, Business Insurance.

    AXA Business Insurance, one of the UK’s largest business insurers, warns that many small businesses could be sleep-walking into prosecution and financial difficulties simply because of oversights when arranging their insurance. The insurer’s research* also...

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