The power of communities and businesses

Bringing communities and businesses together in their time of need


9 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic represents our worst public health and economic crisis in a generation. During this unprecedented crisis, it’s vital that communities receive much needed support from businesses who have the resources to help. Business in the Community is the Prince’s Responsible Business Network charity. And together, we’ve founded The National Business Response Network, helping match communities in need of help with businesses that can offer support.

The National Business Response Network connects national and local community groups, businesses, local authorities and charities needing help in providing food, medicine or community services with business offers of help. Our £1 million donation will support the acceleration of the efforts in this time of need.

The network will focus its activity on four key areas helping communities navigate their way through the coronavirus pandemic:

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Ensuring people have continued access to food

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Support that enables children to continue learning and older people to stay connected to families

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Community care

Support to vulnerable groups and older people to enable continued access to food, healthcare, social interaction and other essentials

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Small businesses

Creating resources with advice and practical tools specifically for small businesses; providing business continuity and wellbeing support through mentoring for small businesses

The network is supported by over 300 business leaders, committed and ready to take action by mobilising their thousands of employees, supply chains and partners in their local community.

Working together to support those in need

These are the business resources the National Business Resource Network matches to community needs:

Professional support

Using the resources and goodwill of member companies to provide support for national and local businesses throughout the UK

Lending / donating resources

Lending or donating resources to organisations and people to meet their needs


Transportation of resources, goods and services

This support will help save lives and provide a springboard to help our communities bounce back from this pandemic.

How you can help

Community organisations in need of help and businesses wanting to offer their support, can visit the
National Business Response Network online board of needs and offers.

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