5 countries where you must drive on the left

Driving abroad

20 September 2018

Going on holiday is great for a change of pace, but driving on the wrong side of the road can strike fear in the heart of even the most confident motorists.

Check out our ideas for left hand drive countries to visit:


Ireland shares many things with the UK, including driving on the left. You can even take your car over on the ferry if you don’t want to rent one. The Ring of Kerry is a circular route that's popular with tourists. It meanders for 111 miles through a number of quaint towns in County Kerry, showing off everything praiseworthy about Irish scenery – from rolling green hills to pristine beaches.


When you think about which countries drive on the left, Thailand may not be an obvious answer – but it should be. Head out into the countryside and explore the wilderness. Pai in Northern Thailand is a laid-back mountain village, while the islands of Koh Lanta are full of natural bounty. A car lets you explore the enormous parks with more flexibility than a tour, and you might even see some monkeys up close.


Brits love going to Australia for their holidays, and hiring a car lets you experience the vast expanses of the outback. Make sure to travel along the Great Ocean Road, a 151-mile stretch of road in Victoria to the west of Melbourne. Snap a photo of the amazing Twelve Apostles limestone formation too – but go at dawn or dusk to avoid the crowds.


Traffic in Cyprus sticks to the left, and the British influence means many road signs also look familiar. Escape from the normal tourist resorts with a four-wheel drive car and venture out into the emptiness of the Akamas Penninsula, travelling from the dramatic Avagas gorge to the mythical Baths of Aphrodite. If you decide to explore a few more Mediterranean countries as well, take a look at our top tips for driving safely when you're abroad in Europe.

South Africa

The famed Garden Route lets you see a diverse slice of coastal South Africa in an easy and scenic way. Rent a car and meander from Mossel Bay to Plettenberg Bay along the rugged coastline, experiencing a wide array of landscapes and wildlife. Though the drive is only 300km, you'll probably want to spend at least four days driving to take in all the enthralling natural scenery.