Motoring advice

A man fuelling his car with petrol
What is E10 fuel - and does it affect my insurance?

Motoring advice

26 March 2024

Discover the differences between E5 and E10 petrol, including compatibility, potential issues, and the impact on car insurance, providing clarity on the switch to E10 fuel.

Damaged headlight after a car accident
Understanding Total Loss

Motoring advice

10 October 2023

Learn about the concept of total loss, the categories of total loss, and the implications for your insurance policy after an incident or car theft.

Busy street in central London
Clean air zones and how they can affect motorists

Motoring advice

13 July 2023

Discover the impact of Clean Air Zones (CAZ) and Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) on motorists, including compliance, charges, and preparations for future changes.

Traffic congestion under warning signs on the m1 motorway
What are smart motorways and how do they work?

Motoring advice

18 January 2023

Uncover the controversy surrounding smart motorways, from their purpose and safety concerns to what to do if you break down on one, providing essential guidance for your next journey.

British driving licence renewal form
Driving licence renewal

Motoring advice

4 January 2023

Uncover all you need to know about renewing your UK driving licence, from understanding when to renew and ways to apply, to costs, renewals for over 70s, and provisional licences.

Young girl taking lessons for driving on the road
Driving Test Practice Guide - How to prepare yourself

Motoring advice

4 January 2023

Get ready for your driving journey with AXA's comprehensive guide, covering everything from obtaining your provisional licence to acing your practical driving test and what to do after passing.

Woman holding an iPhone checking if her vehicle is taxed on the GOV UK website
What is car tax and how do you check if your vehicle is taxed?

Buying or selling a car

2 August 2022

Understanding UK car tax can be confusing. Discover how it's calculated, car tax rates, exemptions, payment methods, and the consequences of driving without tax on the UK roads.

Hand holding refuelling nozzle inserted into white car
Alternative fuel guide

Motoring advice

2 March 2022

Explore the UK's upcoming ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2030, and learn about the alternative fuel options such as LPG, biodiesel, and renewable diesel.

Person pressing unlock button on their car's wireless key fob
AXA's comprehensive guide to car number plates

Motoring advice

10 February 2022

Everything your need to know about car number plates, including rules, meanings, how to get a private plate, visibility guidelines and their impact on your car insurance.