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  • Storm Eleanor and Storm Fionn: Weather Advice

    The UK is expecting to see a number of storms and flooding this week, in particular Storm Eleanor and Storm Fionn, which is why AXA has provided the below advice for those concerned about their homes or travelling in adverse weather.

    Useful numbers

    Home Insurance and Home Emergency

    Claims Notification Line - 0330 024 8086

    Home Emergency Line (if added as an optional extra) - 0330 024 1259

    Car Insurance and Breakdown Assistance

    Claims Notification Line - 0330 024 1305

    Breakdown Assistance (if added as an optional extra) - 0800 197 1121

    Preparing for Storms Eleanor and Fionn:

    • Tidy away garden furniture or loose items in a garage or garden shed with a securely locked door.

    • If it is safe to do so, secure any loose fences. Solid wooden fences can act like a sail in a high wind and are easily blown down and can cause damage to other property.

    • Charge all devices and switch to low battery mode and charge any portable chargers.

    • If possible park your car in a clear area and not under a tree to avoid damage.

    Advice for flooding:


    • Please be careful at all times, only leave your home if it is safe to do so as roof tiles may have come loose on your property, there may also be debris from fallen trees.

    • Please take photos of any damaged goods and keep a list of these items.

    • If your house is flooded, please move as many personal items and furniture upstairs if you live in a two-storey building.

    • Please do not drive through flood waters if you are unsure of the water depth.

    For more advice on safety during storms, check out our video on how to protect your home from storm damage.