We’re really sorry that many of you are struggling to get through to us with your queries. Our phone lines and emails are extremely busy right now, but we’re working hard to speak to you as soon as we can. If you need to make changes to your policy, it’s really quick and easy to do most things online, in your AXA Account. Thank you for bearing with us.

Because life moves all the time, we’ve made it easy for you to choose extra protection whenever you need it. You can select from our wide range of cover options for more peace of mind – with the reassurance that many already feature in our HomeSafe and HomeSure products for your convenience and care.


Home assistance

Blocked drains, burst pipes, broken boiler - when you have an emergency at home, you can't afford to waste any time getting it repaired. Call our domestic helpline any minute of any day and we'll arrange for an authorised contractor to sort out the problem as quickly as possible. What's more, home assistance covers you for up to £1,000 per claim for call out, labour, parts and materials.

Home assistance can be added to HomeSmart and HomeSure. It’s included as standard with HomeSafe, with a higher limit of £1,500 per claim for call out, labour, parts and materials.


Accidental damage

Accidents can happen. Windows get broken. Cutting through an electric cable or drilling through a water pipe could be a very costly mistake. AXA's accidental damage cover gives your home extra protection – and the peace of mind you need. It won't stop accidents, but it will stop them from being expensive.

Accidental damage for buildings is included as standard with HomeSafe and HomeSure, and can be added to HomeSmart.

Accidental damage for contents is included as standard with HomeSafe, and can be added to HomeSmart and HomeSure.


Personal possessions

Your home contents insurance can be extended to anywhere in the world with AXA's personal possessions cover. Items that you take with you every day are easily lost or broken, and can be expensive to replace. You can add personal possessions protection of up to £30,000. So that even when your belongings are away from home, you can still feel they're as safe as houses.

Personal possessions protection of up to £2,500 is included as standard with HomeSafe, but you can choose to increase this to £30,000 as an added cover option.

legal services

Legal expenses

Expert legal assistance can be very expensive. Even if you win a civil case you could find yourself seriously out of pocket. Protect your family from involvements in such cases with up to £50,000 of legal cover. You'll also have access to a free 24-hour legal helpline, and discounts on services such as conveyancing and will writing. It's the professional support you can count on in difficult circumstances.

Legal expenses cover can be added to HomeSmart and HomeSure. It’s included as standard with HomeSafe, with a higher limit of £100,000.

graduate hat mortar board

Student cover

You may not be able to personally look after your family while they're away at boarding school, college or university, but with AXA's student cover you can protect their possessions in their accommodation. Show you still care with up to £5,000 of cover per student - an affordable add-on to your home contents insurance.


Bicycle cover

Whether key to your daily commute or at the heart of your child's leisure time, bikes are now more popular and valuable than ever. They're also an easy target for thieves. Bicycle cover can easily be added to your home contents insurance to protect against loss or damage in and away from home. It gives you up to £1,500 cover for each bicycle and £3,000 in total.