Weather advice: UK Flooding

Guidance for AXA home insurance customers on what to do if you're being affected by floods in the UK.

Home insurance policies

20 May 2022

If you're an AXA home insurance customer and have been affected by floods:

  1. Always listen to emergency advice and do not attempt to leave your property if you have been told not to do so.
  2. Contact our Home Insurance Claims Team on 0330 024 8086
  3. If your house is flooded, please move as many personal items and furniture upstairs if you live in a two-storey building.
  4. Please take photos of any damaged goods and keep a list of these items.
  5. Please do not drive through flood waters if you are unsure of the water depth.
  6. Avoid all unnecessary journeys, if you must travel by car please slow down and watch out for high sided vehicles and vulnerable pedestrians.
  7. If possible, prepare a pack to include torches, batteries, candles & lighters, portable chargers for devices, first aid kit, water and non-perishable foods along with blankets in case the electricity and heating goes.
  8. Make a note of our phone numbers in case you are unable to connect to the internet: