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  • Home Insurance Policy details

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  • See before you buy

    To help you choose the best home insurance policy for you, here are some sample policy documents where you can read full details about all the features and benefits that come as standard with our products.

    To view, print or save the policy documents for HomeSmart, HomeSafe or HomeSure, simply click each link below and follow the simple steps.

    If you already have AXA home insurance, please log into your AXA Account to view your personal policy documents.

  • You'll need Adobe Reader to view these documents. You can download Adobe Reader if you don’t have it already.

    These are sample documents. The policy wording and summary which apply to you will be available to view when you get a home insurance quote and then saved in your online account when you buy. For all the information on the cover you have chosen, please view the policy wording and policy summary together with your policy schedule.

  • Do you know where your premium goes?

    Trying to understand why your home insurance premium costs what it costs can be confusing – especially when it goes up and down. It’s important to us that you know where your money is going. So we’ve broken it down to make it as simple and clear as possible.


    Every business has to make a profit to exist – AXA is no different. But the profit we make is less excessive than you might think. The average home insurance premium delivers just 6% of profit. That profit means we can keep on protecting you and your home, year after year.


    On average, 56% of all premiums are paid out on claims. Paying claims is at the heart of what we do – that’s the single reason you buy insurance, so you can be assured that when you buy with us, that’s where the biggest chunk of your premium goes. We paid out over 85% of customers’ home insurance claims in the last year.


    Like all insurers, we pay into various industry funds that have been set up to protect you, the customer. For instance, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme protects you against an insurer going bust. Also, insurance providers back a scheme called Flood Re to help customers in high flood risk areas secure affordable cover for their homes.


    It costs to keep the lights on. Like any business, expenses are necessary to keep us running. That’s why some of your premium goes towards our employees’ salaries and the cost of our offices, as well as investing in the most innovative technologies to make your experience with us as smooth and simple as possible.


    The Government adds tax to your insurance premium. It’s called Insurance Premium Tax, or IPT for short. Unfortunately, this is the one part of your premium we have no control over. However, we do work hard on making sure the Government understands the impact this tax has on customers and to persuade them that 12%* is plenty!

    Calculations based on 2015, 2016 AXA Home Insurance Policies. *IPT is 12% on top of your premium but it makes up 10.7% of the overall cost to you. Percentages rounded to the nearest whole number.