• Lollipop people in the news.


    We should all remember what an important duty our crossing patrols play in local road safety as a lollipop man and lollipop women hit the headlines this week for very different reasons.

    During the course of our RoadSafe Schools campaign, we have been inundated with messages of support from local residents, parents, schools and local government officials for highlighting issues that are vitally important to ensuring children are as safe as possible when making their way to school.

    A number of you have got in touch to praise your local lollipop person or to highlight the fact that your children’s school doesn’t have a lollipop man or woman, and desperately needs one.  Lollipop people are entrusted to keep our children safe when they’re crossing busy and dangerous roads, but as the news this week has shown, it isn’t always straightforward.

    Earlier this week, a Plymouth lollipop man resigned from his post when the local council instructed him to stop ‘high fiving’ students who were crossing the road.  The local council encourages those on patrol to be friendly, but that their full attention should be on the road.  Parents were upset at losing the services of a lollipop person who had been a crossing guard for over four years, but fully supported his decision.

    One parent from greater Manchester wasn’t as supportive of her local lollipop lady, as news this week told the story of a particularly unpleasant incident.  A school crossing guard asked the parent to move her parked car as she was parked very near to a crossing, reducing the visibility of the road for children.  The parent, who said she was running late, verbally abused the lollipop lady.  Many members of the public have got in touch to say that this kind of parental behaviour happens all too often at schools up and down the country.

    As half term approaches for many schools, we should all remember what an important duty our crossing patrols are entrusted with on a twice-daily basis.

    Recently we launched our Local Road Safety Index that is designed to give all members of the public more information about road safety in their local areas.  Do you feel your local area could benefit from a lollipop person?  We’d love to hear from you! Please do drop us a line on roadsafe@axainsurance.com and tell us why!