The complete van insurance health check

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3 October 2019

You need full and continuous cover for your van in order to drive it – that’s the law.

At AXA, we want to make sure your cover is as complete as can be, so you can hit the road knowing you’re fully protected should the worst happen.

Complete our simple van insurance health check to make sure your van policy is always providing the right cover you need to keep your van, and your business, running smoothly.

  • Are your policy details up to date?

Have you moved to a new house or started a new job recently? Don’t forget to let your insurer know. Changes in your vehicle or personal details can impact how you use your van and introduce new risks and longer commutes. We know that it can be difficult to find a spare second to catch up on life admin, but the quicker you let us know, the sooner you’ll be sure your van has the right protection to suit your ever-changing lifestyle.

  • Is your van in good condition?

We don’t just mean cleaning up fast food wrappers, bottles and toys used to distract the kids when you’re on the road (although maybe give your vehicle some well-needed TLC if this hits home!). We’re talking about keeping your vehicle well-maintained and in roadworthy condition, as in the event of making a claim you may find that the relatively poor condition of your van is considered when an insurer is setting a valuation for it.

In extreme cases, if you have not kept your van roadworthy and this directly contributes to the claim itself – either by causing it or making the effect of it worse than it could’ve been – then you may find that your insurance cover is completely invalid. To avoid this, we recommend that you carry out regular checks on your van, such as checking tyre pressures, tread depth and oil levels, to ensure everything is ticking over as it should.

  • Are only named drivers allowed behind the wheel?

Only drivers who are named or described on your motor certificate are covered to drive it, therefore it’s really important that you have checked who is permitted to drive before handing over the keys. If you don’t, then not only do you risk not being insured in the event that there’s a claim, but you could also be committing an offence yourself. With van insurance from AXA, you can have up to four drivers on your policy at the one time.

  • Have you made any modifications to your van?

Always check with your insurer before you go tinting windows or souping up your engine. You might think that making changes to your vehicle can only be a good thing by helping to raise its value, but you should always double-check with your insurer beforehand to make sure that your cover isn’t affected . AXA accepts some modifications to vans but there are others we can’t cover. To get peace of mind before you race to get alloys fitted, get in touch and our friendly agents will keep you right.

  • Have you declared any penalty points and your full driving history?

Mistakes happen no matter how much of a conscientious driver you are. If you have penalty points on your licence, make sure you let us know when applying for van insurance. The same goes for any bumps or scrapes that you've been involved in, whether they were your fault or not. When applying for van insurance you’re required to provide information on any claims made within the past three years and all motoring convictions you've had within the last five years. Honesty’s the best policy and being upfront will make sure that your insurance cover is valid and gives you the full protection you need.

  • Do you have the right class of use?

When getting a van insurance quote, consider what you’ll be using your van for in order to determine your vehicle's class of use. With Van Insurance from AXA you have two main classes of use to pick from, so it’s important that you choose the one that best fits how you use your van to make sure you’re covered in all circumstances.

The different classes of use we offer are:

  • Carriage of own goods

    This will let you use your van in connection with your own trade or business – whether that’s carrying tools and materials you need or making deliveries to your own customers. This is suited for most sole traders, partnerships and limited companies who need business van insurance to protect their vehicle. In addition, this will also allow you to use your van for everyday driving, such as visiting family and friends, as well as commuting to and from a single, regular place of work. 

  • Hire and reward

    If your business involves being paid to use your van to deliver other people’s goods and equipment – whether that’s small parcels, furniture removals or larger items – then this is the cover you’ll need. Take a look at AXA's courier van insurance to find out more.

If you only need to use your van for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and not in connection with your occupation or business then you may want to look at other providers for your van insurance. 

  • Are you driving abroad?

Does your van insurance give you the same level of cover when driving abroad? With AXA van insurance, we automatically give you the minimum cover you’ll need to drive in any EU country as standard. However, this won’t be the same level of cover you have while driving in the UK, especially if you have comprehensive cover.

We’re happy to give you up to 93 days of full policy cover free of charge in any one period of cover, but to receive this you’ll need to contact us before you travel. When you contact us we’ll also be able to sort out things like a Green Card for you.

Read our guide to driving in Europe – and our advice on how Brexit may impact driving in Europe before you head off – so that you’ve got a few less things to worry about when you’re enjoying more exotic climes.

Don't run the risk of being left without the protection you need to cover you in an accident. Make sure that the details you’re providing are as honest, accurate and as up to date as possible. And if you do that, you’ll know you’re fully covered 24/7 – without having to worry about any nasty surprises.


Keep your van road-ready with AXA

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