The Hierarchy of Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace and wellbeing

3 July 2017

Recent research shows that employees are up to 12% more productive when they’re happy!** So giving your staff the things they most value will not only keep them happier, it’ll make you and your business happier too. That’s win-win in our book.

But knowing what keeps your staff motivated isn’t always easy, so our hierarchy of employee wellbeing looks at some of the key components of employee satisfaction. Where does your small business stand on the scale of zero to happy?

Remember, the little things count for something too. Looking after you employees’ health at work, rewarding success with the occasional duvet day, and providing complimentary tea and biscuits can go a long way to keeping your workforce smiling.

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*You do not need employers' liability insurance if you employ family members

Look after your people – and your business too

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