How do we collect your personal information?

Whilst there are a number of ways in which we collect your personal information, the two main ways we collect personal information about you are from things you tell us yourself, and from things we ask other people or organisations to share with us. Things you tell us could include information that you provide during conversations we have on the phone, what you’ve written on an application form or if you post something on one of our forums. We might also collect information about you from other people and organisations, such as healthcare professionals and credit reference agencies, or by checking databases, such as the electoral register. Please see below for a list of ways we collect your personal information.

We may collect personal information directly from you:

  • via enquiry, registration and claim forms, live chat and virtual assistant platforms;
  • via feedback forms and forums;
  • when you purchase or use any of our products or services;
  • when you fill out a survey, or vote in a poll on our website;
  • through quotes and application forms;
  • via cookies. You can find out more about this in our cookies policy;
  • via our telephone calls with you, which may be recorded* and this may include logging your telephone number, date, time and duration of the call;
  • when you provide your details to us either online or offline; and
  • when you provide a service to us or our customers (as a supplier).

We may collect your personal information from a number of different sources including:

  • directly from an individual or employer (or your employer’s service provider) who has a policy with us under which you are insured, for example you are a named driver on your partner’s motor insurance policy;
  • directly from an employer which funds a Healthcare Trust that we administer where you are a beneficiary;
  • from Credit Reference Agencies who will supply us with information, including information from the Electoral Register and credit information. Please note that the agencies may record details of the search whether or not your application proceeds;
  • from websites where you may leave reviews about us e.g. Trustpilot;
  • from social media:
    • in particular when fraud is suspected;
    • via a third party which collates public opinion about AXA from social media; and
  • Other third parties including:
    • your family members when they make enquiries about purchasing a product for you or including you on their insurance, when you ask them to make a claim on your behalf, or where you may be incapacitated or otherwise unable to provide information yourself when we need it;
    • medical professionals and hospitals;
    • other AXA UK Group companies;
    • aggregators (such as price comparison websites);
    • your Insurance Broker if you have one;
    • partners who provide our policies directly to you;
    • third party service providers;
    • third parties who assist us in checking that claims are eligible for payment;
    • third parties who assist us in investigating fraud, including obtaining information data from Credit Reference Agencies;
    • third parties such as companies who provide consumer classification and other personal data for marketing purposes e.g. market segmentation and lifestyle data;
    • third parties who provide information which may be used by AXA to inform its risk selection, pricing and underwriting decisions; and
    • in the case of where your employer provides vehicles for business purposes we may obtain relevant information about your driving via technology such as a driving application.

*We mostly record calls to review whether we are meeting our own and our regulators’ standards, to help us investigate any concern you express about our dealings with you and to help identify and investigate fraud. If at any time you do not want a call recorded you can ask us about not doing this. We may agree to this in limited circumstances, in which case we will need to call you back from an unrecorded line. If you are calling to talk about buying, using or cancelling a product or service we will not offer this.