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Driving your van in bad weather: a safety guide

Van advice

8 November 2022

AXA’s guide explains how to drive your van safely in high winds, flood, storms and other extreme weather conditions.

What are fuel cards for small businesses?


14 November 2023

Having a fuel card could be a helpful way to reduce or control your business fuel expenses.

Minivan on the road during the winter
How to drive your van in winter weather


4 November 2022

Learn how to keep your cool on the highway when winter weather bites.

How to take control of van fuel costs


3 October 2022

These driving trips could help keep your van on the road for longer.

Van speed limits UK 2020: a quick guide

Van advice

21 July 2022

The national speed limits changes depending on the vehicle you’re driving, which can be confusing for van drivers. Read our guide to make sure you're up to speed with the latest regulations.

Van Quiz
Van tax guide: what drivers need to know

Van advice

19 July 2022

How much does it cost to tax my van? What are the latest tax band changes? Read all these answers and more in AXA's complete van tax guide.

day in the life of a van driver
Getting back to work: Coronavirus advice for van drivers

Van advice

24 May 2020

What does the easing of COVID-19 restrictions mean for van drivers? AXA’s guide explains more.

The complete van insurance health check

Van advice

3 October 2019

Follow our check list to make sure your van is fully covered

The van driver summer survival kit

Van advice

17 July 2019

Here's the five things all van drivers should keep in their summer survival kit

Ten tips to save money on van insurance


26 April 2019

Want to save money on your van insurance? Here's ten tips from AXA.