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  • Guide to Smartphone photography

    Getting creative with a smartphone camera

    Snapping special moments has never been easier thanks to smartphones. Now you can take amazing pictures with your built-in camera.

    Here’s a guide to optimise your smartphone’s camera to take high quality photos. You’ll be sharing them on social media with all your friends and family in no time.

    Camera lens

    Giving the lens a quick wipe can make the world of difference to the definition of your photos.

    You can also set your camera settings to high definition which allows your lens to capture crystal clear pictures.

    Rule of thirds

    Focusing in the middle of the photo is often out of habit. So why not try the rule of thirds?

    It’s really easy; imagine a grid of vertical and horizontal lines on your phone, then focus on a third of the screen.

    This makes the centre of attention stand out more and helps with balance. You’ll see it gives your photos the wow factor.


    Good lighting can transform your photos, making them look more captivating to the eye.

    A rule of thumb for good light is to consider direction and colour, usually from natural light.

    Try to avoid artificial light, dark cloudy skies and the flash on your camera. Your pictures can look really flat when everything’s evenly lit with no shadows.

    Having a play of the white balance feature in your camera’s settings can adjust the colour balance. If the light wasn’t the best when taking the shot, try out the various white balance options.


    Experimenting with different angles can give your pictures a unique edge.

    Try the panorama feature allowing you to move your phone as you’re shooting. This will make your photos look less one dimensional.

    Or you may want to get yourself a selfie stick to take action photos in the outdoors. You can snap away from high and low angles!


    To give your shots a real makeover, experiment with the filters on your phone. Why not try the black and white, and tonal filters?

    Smartphones have an editing feature where you can crop and change orientation. No changes are final, so if you don’t like what you’ve done, just revert.
    Live boldly and snap away safe in the knowledge that AXA’s home insurance personal possessions cover protects smartphones.*

    Happy snapping!

    *Read full policy wording.

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