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  • Living boldly through the ages

    live boldly



    Surfing in the 60s was all about exploring and daring to be different. It was more than a hobby, it was a way of life. The decade was evolutionary for surfing and evokes classic images of long boarders effortlessly gliding along the waves.

    The ‘hot-dogging’ style proved most popular with surf dudes performing their ‘hang 5’ tricks on the ocean. During the 60s, people surfed purely for the love of it.

    Music Festivals

    The meteoric rise of the music culture struck the right note during the swinging 60s. This created a huge market for rock, soul, pop, reggae and blues.

    Iconic bands like The Beatles and Rolling Stones burst onto the scene. Modern day festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading also planted their humble roots in muddy fields during the 60s.
    music festivals



    Disco came to the party in the 70s as the decade caught Saturday Night Fever!

    Cool cats loved to get groovy and don their disco gear when strutting their funky stuff on the dance floor. From the sounds of the Bee Gees, to the dance moves of the YMCA.

    With glitter balls, flares and bouffant hair, the 70s was the decade to boogie!
    disco dancing

    Kung Fu

    Martial arts legend, Bruce Lee, inspired millions to take up the sport with his Hollywood blockbuster, ‘Enter the Dragon’.

    Kung Fu introduced a brave new world of unarmed self-defense, and the philosophy around it, to a Western audience.

    It was the 70s, and as Carl Douglas famously sang it – ‘everybody was Kung Fu fighting’!


    BMX Biking

    The BMX craze trail blazed its way through the UK during the 80s. It seemed like every child had one. Many rallies took place in parks, dirt tracks and extreme bike courses in woodlands.

    BMX freestyle competitions proved popular for street riders to highlight their new tricks. Who can forget the magical image of the BMX cycling across the moon in the blockbuster 80s movie ET?
    bmx biking


    Skateboarding rode to prominence in the 80s playing a big part in urban youth culture. The era pioneered vertical ramp skating and inspired freestyle tricks like the ‘kick-flip’.

    Skating on streets, curbs, benches and handrails were commonplace in the UK. Many skate-parks were also constructed leading to keenly fought skate-off competitions.

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