AXA UK launches 'We Care' programme to further support employees at different life stages

2 April 2024

Posted in People

  • AXA UK introduces the ‘We Care’ programme, a global initiative designed to enhance employee benefits
  • The programme includes an increase in paid co-parent and carer’s leave, as well as important changes to domestic abuse support

AXA UK is launching the ‘We Care’ programme in April as part of a global initiative developed by AXA Group. ‘We Care’ is designed to provide health and wellbeing support to AXA’s workforce at different life stages and during moments that matter.

The programme will further reinforce AXA UK’s commitment to develop a workplace where people love to work and are able to thrive in their roles.

AXA Group launched the ‘We Care’ programme across 51 markets worldwide in an effort to continue improving its employees’ wellbeing and build a healthier, more inclusive and supportive global workplace culture.

While AXA UK already delivers many of the elements outlined in the global programme, there are some new policy additions, namely:

1. Carers support

Carers can now use dependent leave if they are a primary carer or they care for an immediate family member. This leave can still be used for unexpected emergencies such as a child becoming ill, but it can also be used for planned activities too such as hospital appointments.

2. Focus on families

In the difficult circumstance that an employee experiences a miscarriage up to the 24th week of pregnancy, they will have five days of paid leave and if they’re a spouse/ partner, they’ll be entitled to two days of paid leave. In the circumstance that they experience a stillbirth after the 24th week of pregnancy, they’ll be entitled to 16 weeks full pay and if they’re a spouse/ partner, they’ll be entitled to two weeks of paid leave.

In addition, starting 1 April 2024, co-parents will be entitled to eight weeks paid leave, an increase of four weeks.

3. Domestic abuse support

AXA UK launched its Domestic Abuse policy in July 2022, providing support, resources and access to five days of paid leave for colleagues experiencing domestic abuse. The company is now building on this through the provision of a dedicated and trained team to support employees.

I’m delighted we’re extending the support available to our people with the launch of the ‘We Care’ programme. A global initiative that supports our ambition of AXA UK&I being a place where people love to work. The access to increased paid carer’s leave and co-parent leave as well as additional support for domestic abuse are invaluable for the wellbeing of our people in taking care of themselves and their loved ones. 

Suzanne Scott, Chief People and Corporate Responsibility Officer at AXA UK