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  • Driving Safely on the Motorway 

    19th September 2014

    The motorway can seem like a daunting place regardless of your experience, but by preparing properly and following a few simple tips, it's easy to stay safe. 

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    Essential Driving Attire 

    16th September 2014

    While the days of driving goggles and a scarf blowing in the wind are no longer the norm, there are plenty of in-car clothing conventions that remain relevant; and many more glove box essentials to help you have a comfortable and safe journey. 

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    How to Protect your Car from Rust 

    1st September 2014

    Rust is one of the most damaging long-term maintenance issues a car owner can deal with and it's important to catch rust early and prevent its spread. 

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    Electric Vehicles could get Organic Batteries  

    27th August 2014

    For a long time, graphene has been touted as the answer to improving batteries in electric vehicles (EVs). However, the supercapacitor material now has a surprising rival from the plant world. 

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    Car Hackers Reveal Smart Vehicle Security Flaws  

    25th August 2014

    In-car computers are designed to make our driving experience easier, but unfortunately, they can also make life easier for another group of people: car thieves. 

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