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  • The Safest Cars for 2014 

    14th January 2014

    Following an exhaustive string of crash tests, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has declared that Honda is producing the safest cars on the road this year. 

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    Say Goodbye to Windscreen Smears - And Wipers 

    27th December 2013

    The humble windscreen wiper could be the latest car part to hit the scrap heap, if plans by automotive experts at McLaren come to fruition. 

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    EU to Push Back New CO2 Regulations 

    19th December 2013

    The EU has pushed back the introduction of strict new car emissions regulations, as part of a compromise that seems to have kept both environmental groups and German car manufacturers happy 

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    'Nano-Cam' Could Ease Fog Fears 

    18th December 2013

    Every year, winter presents challenges for drivers. One persistent pest is fog, though potentially not for much longer. 

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    Worst High Street for Parking Fines in the UK: Revealed 

    17th December 2013

    A local newspaper has uncovered one of the worst streets for parking fines in the UK, after a Freedom of Information request revealed that a whopping 5,454 drivers had received penalty charge notices during a one-year period. 

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