Small Business Christmas Survival Guide

Starting up

31 October 2023

12 steps to help your small business flourish this festive season

How to Start a Photography Business

Starting up

30 October 2023

Starting your own photography business requires a lot of work to make it successful. Read AXA's guide to find out all you need to know about the process.

The State of Startup

Starting up

24 October 2023

Lets take a look at the trends from the 2023 AXA Startup Angel winners

Retail shop risks and hazards

Safety and insurance

4 October 2023

In this guide we'll examine the most common risks to retail and shop workers, and some of the best ways to avoid the most harmful hazards where possible.

What is dead stock and how can small businesses avoid it?

Growth and strategy

21 September 2023

Left over stock that’s slow to sell may not sound like a big deal, but it can have a lot of knock-on effects for your business.

Contractor vs subcontractor: guide for small businesses

Growth and strategy

12 September 2023

Within many different business areas, but especially the trades, there may be an opportunity to work as a contractor or subcontractor.

The safe working at height guide

Safety and insurance

24 August 2023

Working at height carries a risk of falling, which can cause serious injury. So here's AXA's guide to working at height safely, in ten easy steps.

2023 Startup Angel winner: Olivia Hylton
AXA Startup Angel winner: Sistren

Starting up

15 August 2023

Introducing our AXA Startup Angel winners for 2023: Sistren.

Winner of 2023 Startup Angel - Hanan Tantush
AXA Startup Angel winner: Intotum

Starting up

14 August 2023

Introducing our AXA Startup Angel winners for 2023: Intotum.

What is payment on account for self-employed businesses?

Finance and legal

14 August 2023

In this guide we’ll walk you through payment on account and what to do if you’re struggling to pay your self-assessment tax bill at the end of the year.

Upselling, cross-selling and bundles

Growth and strategy

18 July 2023

We explain three essential retail tips: upselling, cross-selling and bundles

How to become a dance teacher

Starting up

11 July 2023

Thinking of becoming a dance instructor? Read this guide to getting started.

A male florist working on a flower arrangement
How to start a floristry business

Starting up

22 June 2023

If you have a budding interest in floristry read this guide to getting started.

30-Minute Business Health & Safety Check

Safety and insurance

20 June 2023

Six quick health and safety tips that could minimise accidents in your workplace

Allowable expenses: what are they?

Finance and legal

15 June 2023

Do you know what your small business is allowed to claim as expenses?