A cafe owner
How small businesses are surviving lockdown

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29 May 2020

Are you worried about your small business during lockdown? Maybe you’re self-employed and unsure about social distancing? AXA’s guide explains more.

How trades businesses can reopen safely

Re-opening your business in

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29 May 2020

What steps and precautions your trades business must take to reopen safely

Get business online
Guide to getting your business online

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18 May 2020

Looking to get your business online for the first time? Follow AXA's quick tips.

Calculating dividend taxation.
Dividends for small businesses explained

Finance and legal

1 May 2020

What your small business needs to know about paying dividends.

Guide to contracts
Small business guide to employment contracts

Managing people

23 April 2020

AXA’s guide will help small business owners understand the different types of employment contracts. Read more.

Working from home
How to work from home successfully

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15 April 2020

Working from home for the first time? Read AXA’s guide to help you work successfully.

Guide to contracts
Common business contract types explained

Finance and legal

6 March 2020

Confused about contracts? Read AXA’s guide to learn more about the types of business contracts you’ll come across if you run a small business in the UK.

Cleaning company
How to start a cleaning company

Starting up

28 February 2020

Before you don the rubber gloves, read our guide to starting a cleaning company.

How to deal with customer complaints

Customer matters

27 February 2020

Find out how to respond to unhappy customers and deal with customer complaints.

Manual handling
The safe manual handling at work guide

Safety and insurance

7 February 2020

How to perform manual handling tasks safely, in ten easy steps.

The P11D for small businesses explained

Finance and legal

24 January 2020

Stay on form and learn what small businesses should know about the P11D tax form

Allowable Expenses for the Self-Employed

Finance and legal

21 January 2020

You can claim back business expenses when you're self-employed. Find out how.

What businesses should know about breach of confidentiality

Finance and legal

20 January 2020

Did you know that even a tiny breach of confidentiality could pose a big legal risk to your business? Get protected with our need-to-know guide to keeping data safe.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Rights for SMEs

Finance and legal

14 January 2020

Get clued up on what small businesses need to know about intellectual property rights.

Guide to going self-employed
Going Self-Employed: A Guide

Starting up

7 January 2020

Starting a business on your own should be less daunting with our guide.