Someone calculating their business expenses.
How to handle national insurance rises

Finance and legal

13 June 2023

A guide to National Insurance and preparing for the cost of having employees.

Stress-proofing tips for the workplace

Workplace and wellbeing

5 June 2023

A happy workplace is a more productive and creative one.

How to measure employee satisfaction

Managing people

30 May 2023

To keep good staff in the right roles, gauging employee satisfaction is crucial

How to freelance
What’s it like to found a startup?

Starting up

22 May 2023

If you're starting a business, here's a few things you may want to prepare for.

How to find & hire staff for my small business

Growth and strategy

12 May 2023

With the cost of living crisis, changes in the marketplace and constant shifts in employment, many employers are looking to hire staff now more than ever.

What is PAYE?

Finance and legal

26 March 2023

If you employ anyone – including yourself – you may need to operate Pay As You Earn (PAYE) as part of your payroll process.

AXA Startup Angels 2023
How to win: advice from the 2023 judges

Starting up

14 March 2023

Read the judges' best advice for entrants to the AXA Startup Angel competition.

2022 AXA Startup Angel Winners
AXA Startup Angel 2022 winners advice

Starting up

13 March 2023

Considering applying for AXA Startup Angel? Get advice from our 2022 winners.

How to set up a Facebook ad campaign

Marketing and brand

6 March 2023

Get set up with Facebook advertising with our step-by-step guide.

Are business partners key to success?

Starting up

3 March 2023

Starting up on your own could be daunting, so is a business partner the key?

Tradesman and AXA Customer, Steve Follard, heading to work
How to become a good tradesman

Growth and strategy

28 February 2023

Learn how to build customer trust with this list of dos and don'ts.

Finding a mentor: what you need to know

Growth and strategy

22 February 2023

Ever thought of finding a business mentor to guide you on your journey?

How to fund a small business

Finance and legal

13 February 2023

In this guide, we’ll cover a load of different funding avenues that you can access when starting up your business.

How to win investment for your business

Growth and strategy

9 February 2023

Pitching is one of the hardest parts of starting a business. Learn how to do it.

How to value your small business: a guide

Finance and legal

31 January 2023

Whether you’re considering selling up or are just curious to see the financial fruits of your labour, here’s AXA’s guide to how to value your business.