Behind the Business: Maison de Choup

Starting up

4 December 2019

For George, hard work is worth it when your business helps inspire others.

15 things we love about local shops

Michael Crosby in

Business news and opinion

19 September 2019

They’re the heart of the community for a reason... or 15 reasons!

How to value a business
How to value your small business: a guide

Finance and legal

20 August 2019

Whether you’re considering selling up or are just curious to see the financial fruits of your labour, here’s AXA’s guide to how to value your business.

Work life balance
How to keep your business organised

Workplace and wellbeing

30 July 2019

Easy ways to keep your business organised and running at its best

Behind the business: Paper Ribbons

Starting up

23 July 2019

For Roz, hard work is easy when you're doing what you love. Find out why.

Small business tech hacks
Small business technology hacks

Digital and innovation

23 July 2019

Make running a business a little simpler with our top six tech hacks.

Failure - a recipe for success
4 Lessons to learn from big brand blunders

Motivation and fun

23 July 2019

The lessons your small business can learn from the marketing missteps of big brands.

IR35 legislation: the facts

Finance and legal

26 June 2019

Struggling to get to grips with IR35? AXA explains what the UK tax legislation is and what it means for you.

Mobile beautician vs. Beauty salon: the pros and cons

Growth and strategy

25 June 2019

Fancy becoming a mobile beautician or opening up a beauty salon? Here, AXA outlines the pros and cons of both.

Limited companies and allowable expenses

Finance and legal

21 June 2019

Here’s what your limited company is allowed to claim as expenses

Mental health week
Looking after your health when running a business

Workplace and wellbeing

13 May 2019

Running a business can be demanding. Here, AXA chats to Dr. Wendy Li on how to look after your mental and physical health as a business owner.

How to take the nerves out of networking

Growth and strategy

1 May 2019

For many business owners, networking can feel like a necessary evil. Here, Wendy Harris, owner of WAG Associates, shares her top tips on making it less nerve-wracking.

How to achieve a healthy work-life balance

Workplace and wellbeing

1 May 2019

Running a business can feel like a juggling act. Get your work and home life in balance with Ian Hepburn’s top tips.

24 hour claims
How to get a claim settled in 24 hours

Safety and insurance

26 April 2019

Time-saving tips to increase the chances of settling a claim in 24 hours.

The UK's Most Simple Brands 2019

Marketing and brand

26 April 2019

The UK's simplest brands (and what your business can learn from them) revealed.