The ins and outs of government small business grants

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22 January 2021

Looking to apply for a small business grant? Read AXA’s guide to learn everything you need to know.

How to import and export after Brexit

Transport and logistics

2 January 2021

After Brexit, new rules will change the way your business trades with the EU.

How to start a photography business

Starting up

20 November 2020

Starting your own photography business requires a lot of work to make it successful. Read AXA's guide to find out all you need to know about the process.

Weather proof your home
How to protect your business from storm and weather damage

Safety and insurance

10 November 2020

Find out how to protect your business premises from floods, high winds and show.

Software and tools for small home businesses
Software and tools for small home businesses

Digital and innovation

20 September 2020

With many small businesses going online and working from home for the first time, AXA looks at the business software and tools to help make your job easier.

How to freelance
How to start working freelance

Starting up

6 August 2020

Thinking of working freelance? AXA’s guide explains the role of a freelancer and how to start a freelance business.

woman presenting
How to become a business consultant

Starting up

23 June 2020

Thinking of becoming a business consultant? Read AXA’s guide for advice on how to start and what to expect.

Can a pop-up shop boost your business?

Marketing and brand

1 June 2020

Why opening a pop-up shop might be the next step for your business

A cafe owner
How small businesses are surviving lockdown

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29 May 2020

Are you worried about your small business during lockdown? Maybe you’re self-employed and unsure about social distancing? AXA’s guide explains more.

How trades businesses can reopen safely

Re-opening your business in

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29 May 2020

What steps and precautions your trades business must take to reopen safely

Startup risks (and how to handle them)

Starting up

18 May 2020

60% of new businesses fail in the first three years. AXA explains the most common startup risks and how small businesses can avoid them.

Get business online
Guide to getting your business online

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18 May 2020

Looking to get your business online for the first time? Follow AXA's quick tips.

Calculating dividend taxation.
Dividends for small businesses explained

Finance and legal

1 May 2020

What your small business needs to know about paying dividends.

Guide to contracts
Small business guide to employment contracts

Managing people

23 April 2020

AXA’s guide will help small business owners understand the different types of employment contracts. Read more.

Working from home
How to work from home successfully

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15 April 2020

Working from home for the first time? Read AXA’s guide to help you work successfully.