What is liquidity planning?

Growth and strategy

13 September 2022

Understanding liquidity can help businesses better to prepare for short term financial issues without having to take on more debt. 

Diversity in Small Business

Workplace and wellbeing

13 September 2022

Diversity and inclusion isn’t just for corporations. Businesses of all sizes can benefit by becoming more diverse. Here are AXA’s tips for promoting diversity.

Abigail Butler, AXA Customer, shampooing a client's hair
How to get good salon reviews

Customer matters

7 September 2022

Recommendations are a powerful marketing tool. Find out how to get good ones.

A group of coworkers sitting in a circle at an office - talking and laughing
Employee Onboarding for Small Businesses

Managing people

1 September 2022

Having a plan will help you and your new employee navigate the first few weeks.

How To Open Your Own Shop

Starting up

4 August 2022

Got an eye for retail? Here’s how to open your own retail business

Employee retention for small businesses

Growth and strategy

13 July 2022

When running your own business, keeping your staff happy can be just as important as keeping your customers happy. Here, AXA explains why.

Hands resting over a piece of paperwork as the fill it out.
A Short Guide to P45 Forms

Managing people

12 July 2022

A short guide to your responsibilities around the P45 form as an employer.

A personal trainer working with their client
Personal Trainer Allowable Expenses

Finance and legal

20 June 2022

We’ve made it easy to understand allowable expenses and maximise your earnings.

A cafe owner outside of their shop, wearing an apron.
How to Open a Coffee Shop

Starting up

17 June 2022

Dream of opening a coffee shop? Find out how to get started.

How to Start a Hairdressing Business

Starting up

15 June 2022

Find out how you can join one of the happiest professions in the UK by starting your own hairdressing business.

A person holding an iPad and a coffee
Automation for Small Businesses

Digital and innovation

15 June 2022

Automation is not only realistic but also can be beneficial to small businesses.

Helen Tamblyn-Saville is an AXA customer and the owner of Wonderland Bookshop
Small business stories: Wonderland Books

Starting up

13 June 2022

Helen Tamblyn-Saville on how her love of books led to owning a small business

BOSH! Founders, Ian & Henry. Judges for Start Up Angel 2022
Chatting with the Startup Angels: BOSH!

Starting up

9 June 2022

Henry Firth of BOSH! talks about AXA Startup Angel 2022

Raphael Sofoluke, Judge for Start Up Angel 2022
Chat with Startup Angel Raphael Sofoluke

Starting up

9 June 2022

Raphael Sofoluke talks about returning as a judge for AXA Startup Angel 2022

Sharmadean Reid MBE, Judge for Start Up Angel 2022
Meet the Startup Angels: Sharmadean Reid

Starting up

9 June 2022

Sharmadean Reid talks about AXA Startup Angel 2022