How to start a life coaching business

Starting up

31 October 2022

Looking to start a life coaching business? Here, AXA breaks down what skills you need and how to get started.

The ins and outs of government small business grants

Back to Business

25 October 2022

Looking to apply for a small business grant? Read AXA’s guide to learn everything you need to know.

Team Repair: AXA Startup Angel Winners 2022
AXA Startup Angel winner: Team Repair

Starting up

5 October 2022

Introducing our AXA Startup Angel winners for 2022: Team Repair.

Muihood - 2022 Winner of Startup Angel
AXA Startup Angel winner: Muihood

Starting up

4 October 2022

Introducing our AXA Startup Angel winners for 2022: Muihood.

Hairdresser risks and hazards

Safety and insurance

30 September 2022

Being a hairdresser comes with it’s own unique set of risks and hazards. Here, AXA runs down the most common risks and how to avoid them.

Cut Your Business Costs

Growth and strategy

29 September 2022

It's a big decision, deciding what to cut. Here's how to make the right choices.

A woman sitting at a table covered in paperwork
Naming your business and protecting it

Starting up

15 September 2022

Once you find a unique business name, you'll want to protect the use of it.

AXA Customer, Abigail Butler, drying a client's hair in her salon
Event ideas to increase salon footfall

Marketing and brand

14 September 2022

Want to get more people into your salon? Here’s a few event ideas that may help.

What is liquidity planning?

Growth and strategy

13 September 2022

Understanding liquidity can help businesses better to prepare for short term financial issues without having to take on more debt. 

Diversity in Small Business

Workplace and wellbeing

13 September 2022

Diversity and inclusion isn’t just for corporations. Businesses of all sizes can benefit by becoming more diverse. Here are AXA’s tips for promoting diversity.

Abigail Butler, AXA Customer, shampooing a client's hair
How to get good salon reviews

Customer matters

7 September 2022

Recommendations are a powerful marketing tool. Find out how to get good ones.

A group of coworkers sitting in a circle at an office - talking and laughing
Employee Onboarding for Small Businesses

Managing people

1 September 2022

Having a plan will help you and your new employee navigate the first few weeks.

How To Open Your Own Shop

Starting up

4 August 2022

Got an eye for retail? Here’s how to open your own retail business

Employee retention for small businesses

Growth and strategy

13 July 2022

When running your own business, keeping your staff happy can be just as important as keeping your customers happy. Here, AXA explains why.

Hands resting over a piece of paperwork as the fill it out.
A Short Guide to P45 Forms

Managing people

12 July 2022

A short guide to your responsibilities around the P45 form as an employer.