How to value your small business: a guide

Finance and legal

31 January 2023

Whether you’re considering selling up or are just curious to see the financial fruits of your labour, here’s AXA’s guide to how to value your business.

A person with Down Syndrome working in a bakery
Disability Inclusion for Small Business

Managing people

23 January 2023

Find out how you can build better businesses practices without breaking the bank.

What is Statutory Sick Pay and how much pay are employees entitled to

Finance and legal

11 January 2023

Understanding statutory sick pay is important for any business, here AXA takes you through the ins and outs to get you up to speed.

How to motivate your sales teams

Managing people

9 January 2023

What’s the best commission structure to get the best out of your sales staff?

A hand reaching up towards several hanging lightbulbs, trying to grasp one.
Handling power cuts as a small business

Safety and insurance

5 January 2023

Being prepared for power outages can help you to continue business as usual.

Tradesman, Steve Hollands, hard at work in his joinery business
Small Business Stories: Steve Hollands

Starting up

30 December 2022

Tradesman Steve talks about running his own carpentry business.

Accounting software
Inflation and Small Businesses

Finance and legal

1 December 2022

Inflation is at an all-time high. How can small businesses handle it?

Steve, AXA Customer and tradesman, hard at work calculating his allowable expenses.
Trades Allowable Expenses

Finance and legal

29 November 2022

Don't pay more tax than you have to. Find out what expenses you can write off as a tradesperson.

How to take the nerves out of networking

Growth and strategy

28 November 2022

For many business owners, networking can feel like a necessary evil. Here, Wendy Harris, owner of WAG Associates, shares her top tips on making it less nerve-wracking.

A man looking at his computer screen while sitting in the dark
Side hustle ideas: how to start a side business and earn extra money

Starting up

24 November 2022

Want to start a side business? From candle making to dog walking, here are AXA’s side hustle ideas to help you earn extra money.

How to boost your recruitment strategy

Managing people

24 November 2022

Here’s five ways to make sure your SME is recruiting the very best

How women overcome barriers to success

Business news and opinion

19 November 2022

What barriers do women face in business and how can these be overcome?

What are Angel Investors

Growth and strategy

17 November 2022

With recent predictions that the property market may remain volatile for the immediate future, investors may be looking outside the property industry for their next big project.

Professional cleaner cleaning a table
Cleaners Allowable Expenses

Finance and legal

11 November 2022

If you work as a cleaner, make sure you're not paying more tax than you have to.

A sun rise in the background and powerlines in the foreground
The UK Energy Crisis & Small Businesses

Business news and opinion

7 November 2022

Find out how to navigate the rising cost of energy as a small business owner.