Turning customers into brand advocates

Customer matters

4 July 2018

Your customers could be your most powerful brand advocates. Here’s why.

Emotional marketing matters
Emotional marketing: why it matters

Marketing and brand

4 July 2018

Why brands are tuning in to customers’ emotions – and how you can too

5 lessons startups can learn from Nike

Marketing and brand

4 July 2018

From the back of a car to a billion dollars, Nike is a startup success story

Business lessons you can learn from dad

Growth and strategy

12 June 2018

Running a business is like raising a child, so what can you learn from your dad?

Van Quiz
Are You Up To Speed With Road Traffic Law?

Transport and logistics

10 June 2018

The rules of the road for drivers are changing. Think you're up to speed with traffic law? Take AXA's road rules quiz and find out.

How to cash in on wedding season

Marketing and brand

5 June 2018

How could some unlikely businesses make the most of this wedding season?

Why you should be a sustainable SME

Starting up

4 June 2018

With sustainability high on the agenda, here's why your SME should go green.

ups and downs
The ups and downs of starting a business

Starting up

31 May 2018

Follow our guide to getting through the scariest part of business - starting up

Ten SEO tips for small businesses

Marketing and brand

24 May 2018

Get to grips with search engine optimisation in our quick-start guide.

How businesses can benefit from teaching

Growth and strategy

9 May 2018

Your business could be sitting on a goldmine: your own expert knowledge

How to prepare your van for the new MOT

Transport and logistics

4 May 2018

New MOT tests are coming into force, so here's what your business needs to know

How to assess the health of your business

Starting up

5 April 2018

Using an effective SWOT analysis to assess your businesses health and assist in forward planning.

New tax year 2018: what’s changing?

Finance and legal

3 April 2018

Another new tax year means another wave of changes for your small business

National Living Wage increases explained

Finance and legal

28 March 2018

What's changing with the National Living Wage in April 2018 for businesses?

marketing resources
Entrepreneurs Recommend: Marketing Resources

Motivation and fun

18 March 2018

How do successful entrepreneurs market their business? AXA asks entrepreneurs to recommend the top apps, books and resources they use to help their brand.