How to protect your business from storm and weather damage

Safety and insurance

10 November 2020

Find out how to protect your business premises from floods, high winds and show.

How trades businesses can reopen safely

Re-opening your business in

Back to Business

29 May 2020

What steps and precautions your trades business must take to reopen safely

Manual handling
The safe manual handling at work guide

Safety and insurance

7 February 2020

How to perform manual handling tasks safely, in ten easy steps.

24 hour claims
How to get a claim settled in 24 hours

Safety and insurance

26 April 2019

Time-saving tips to increase the chances of settling a claim in 24 hours.

Understanding Employers’ Liability Insurance
Understanding Employers' Liability insurance

Safety and insurance

5 February 2019

Understanding the ins and outs of business insurance can be a struggle. Learn the lingo with our guide.

Six signs you need public liability

Safety and insurance

16 July 2018

Accidents happen, so it pays to get protected with public liability insurance

30-Minute Business Health & Safety Check

Safety and insurance

16 July 2018

Six quick health and safety tips that could minimise accidents in your workplace

Is your business safe?

Safety and insurance

8 February 2018

Collecting reliable data and training staff to keep your business safe.

Thinking of hiring an apprentice?

Safety and insurance

2 February 2018

We break down everything you need to know before taking on an apprentice.

How to protect your family business
How to protect your family business

Safety and insurance

2 February 2018

What cover do you need? Everything you need to know about employers' liability.

How tradesmen can keep their tools safe

Safety and insurance

17 November 2017

Make sure you've got the correct safeguards to protect the tools of your trade

Choosing a business insurance policy

Safety and insurance

22 September 2017

Find out how to tell your professional indemnity from your public liability

Why SMEs should be aware of legislation

Safety and insurance

19 June 2017

With legislation changing all the time, here's way it pays to keep up to speed

How to weatherproof your shop

Safety and insurance

8 November 2016

Here's how to keep sales hotting up – whatever the winter weather brings

Why you might need public liability

Safety and insurance

25 August 2016

These unusual claims stories prove that, in any case, it pays to be covered

Unexpected claims stories

Safety and insurance

14 June 2016

We reveal why, in business, it makes sense to expect the unexpected

Gardeners: how to do a risk assessment

Safety and insurance

4 May 2016

From power tools to sun stroke, gardening can be more dangerous than you think

The benefits of self insurance

Safety and insurance

13 April 2016

Public liability insurance provides much more than just protection…

Legal principles designers need to know

Safety and insurance

14 March 2016

We explain how to stay creative and on the right side of the law