How to avoid accidental damage during the holidays

From squashed spectacles to spilled soda, it’s common for accidents to rise around the holidays.

Home maintenance

25 June 2018

From squashed spectacles to spilled soda, it’s common for accidents to rise around the holidays.

When you have a full house, during the school break for example, it's easy for accidental damage to happen. That’s why we've put together some quick tips to help you make the most of your quality time together – without having to get on the blower to your home insurance provider

Have a big declutter session

The more breakable bits and bobs you have in your home, the more likely something is to get damaged. Go through your home before the holidays and make sure everything is in its place, and anything that doesn't absolutely have to be out is kept safely in storage.

Choose their toys carefully

Tennis balls and footballs can do a lot of damage, especially if they come flying through your window or bump your telly off the wall during an indoor match. Use lightweight versions like foam footballs instead.

It's worth setting a few ground rules about where the kids can play – encourage them to head outside for games that involve lots of running around and try to make the kitchen a toy-free zone.

Bring out the fabric protector

As they repel water and oil, fabric protector sprays can help stop spills turning into stains. Give your furniture and carpets a quick coat and you won't need to panic quite so much the next time a glass of blackcurrant cordial empties itself onto your sofa – simply wipe it clean. Concentrate on areas where people will be spending the most time during the day, like the living room and the kids' playroom if they have one.

Look for holiday clubs in the area

Most councils put on entertainment for children during the holidays, usually involving team sports or arts and craft sessions. Sign little ones up and they'll burn off some energy during the day, so they'll be more likely to relax once they're home. It's a great way for them to make new friends, too.

Make sure your home contents cover is up to date

No matter how carefully you prepare, accidents can still happen. Dig out your buildings insurance and contents insurance policies, and remember to check the wording to see what's covered, as accidental damage is often an optional extra.

Once this minor domestic risk assessment and prevention is done, you can get on with the important job of having fun during your time off.