• Challenging Parking Fines Pays off 50% of the Time 

    14th October 2014

    If you think you've been unfairly fined for parking, don't pay out just yet. A new Freedom of Information request launched by consumer complaints service Resolver.co.uk, has revealed that more than half of all appeals made against parking notices in 2012 resulted in the charges being dropped.  

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    10 Essential Items for your Car Repair Toolbox 

    13th October 2014

    Breaking down at the side of the road is every driver's nightmare. But with a relatively small selection of tools stored in your boot, you'll find it much easier to stay on top of basic car maintenance: and maybe escape a tough spot, too. To help you start building the perfect in-car toolkit, take a look at these top 10 items. 

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    How to Tell if your Car is about to Break Down 

    10th October 2014

    It's an unfortunate truth that your vehicle can face technical and mechanical faults at any time. However, the good news is that every breakdown has one thing in common: it's usually preceded by warning signs. When it comes to being prepared, it's just a matter of knowing what to look (and listen) out for. 

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    Talking Cars to Hit the Road in 2017 

    9th October 2014

    From driverless cars to vehicles with app integrated dashboards, there’s plenty of exciting new motoring technology preparing to hit our roads over the next five to 10 years. The latest development in in-car technology comes from General Motors, who are working on a system that let's your car talk. 

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    Tax Discs Reach a Dead End 

    1st October 2014

    Every vehicle on the road today needs to have one, but from the beginning of this month, the humble tax disc, introduced to UK cars nearly a century ago, reached the end of the road. 

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