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    It's reassuring to know your car's in safe hands. With AXA car insurance you can now rely on protection against uninsured drivers^, our lifetime repair guarantee* and lots more. And with 24 hour claims lines, we're always ready to help take care of you.

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    ✓ Our uninsured driver promise gives you extra peace of mind^

    With AXA comprehensive car insurance you don’t need to worry about uninsured drivers. If one's responsible for damaging your car, we promise to put things right without a fuss - plus we'll make sure you get back any excess and keep your full No Claims Discount once the claim's settled.

    You will need to provide the make, model and registration number of the other car in the event of a claim.

    ✓ Keep on the move with our courtesy car cover*

    We'll give you our standard courtesy car to use whenever your car is with our approved repair network. For even more peace of mind, if your car is stolen or written off, you can rely on a courtesy car from us for up to 14 days. So that your lifestyle is affected as little as possible after a claim, you can also choose our courtesy car upgrade to get a hire car as big as your own car, and extra cover total loss and theft cover.

    Subject to availability following a valid claim. Standard 3 door 1 litre manual car provided until repair completed by our approved repairer or up to 14 days after the car has been declared a total loss. Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply.

    ✓ Lifetime guarantee on repairs gives you quality you can rely on*

    Our approved nationwide network will be ready to help following a car insurance claim. What's more, any repairs they do for you are guaranteed for as long as you own your car. That's AXA quality you can rely on, for life.

    ✓ Making it easy for customers to compare last year's price

    After listening to customer feedback, AXA now shows the cost of last year’s premium on the renewal notices sent to direct motor and home customers as part of our commitment to increase trust in the insurance industry.

    We at AXA are proud to be the first insurer to make this change and we’re calling for others to follow our lead.

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    Little things mean a lot with AXA car insurance

  • Choosing AXA car insurance gives you peace of mind day and night. Our UK-based claims line is open 24 hours a day every day. Whenever we can make a difficult time feel a lot easier, help is only a phone call away.

  • Child car seats protect what’s most important – which is why we’ll give you extra cover with our car insurance. If your child car seat is in an accident, we’ll replace it up to £300 – even if there’s no obvious damage. Because your little ones mean a lot with AXA.

  • With AXA you can drive your car throughout the European Union for up to 90 days during the policy year. Choosing our comprehensive cover here gives you comprehensive cover there too. It’s reassuring to have AXA peace of mind at home and abroad.

  • Filling up with the wrong fuel can be an easy – but expensive – mistake. AXA comprehensive car insurance gives you peace of mind in case this accident happens. We’ll drain and flush your fuel system – and even cover any damage caused by misfuelling. This cover applies to petrol and diesel misfuelling in the UK.

  • Because your security is really important to us, we’ll give you new car keys if yours are stolen – or replace the locks of your car if necessary. What’s more, if you have comprehensive car insurance, we’ll also cover your keys if they’re lost accidentally.

  • It’s so easy to choose the car insurance that’s right for you. When you get your car insurance quote, simply choose from our optional extras – like our courtesy car upgrade, and personal injury and rehabilitation cover.

  • AXA car insurance gives you a secure online account for you to keep your documents safe and print them whenever you need them. Unlike many other insurers, you can use your online account to update your cover – plus any changes you make without calling are free of administration fees.

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    ^ included in AXA comprehensive car insurance quotes on or after 26/11/2014.
    *included in AXA car insurance quotes on or after 26/11/2014.

    Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply. Full details in the policy wording.