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There’s a story behind every business. A big idea. A spark of inspiration that ignited a big ambition. Because it takes courage to start a business. It takes a bold step to push on and do things your way. And when it gets tough, it’s your restless determination that keeps it going. We get it. Because we’re restless too.

Our startup advice collects articles from Business Guardian Angel, inspirational guest posts from real entrepreneurs and practical guides on startup essentials.

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Side hustle ideas: how to start a side business and earn extra money

Starting up

24 November 2022

Want to start a side business? From candle making to dog walking, here are AXA’s side hustle ideas to help you earn extra money.

How to start a life coaching business

Starting up

31 October 2022

Looking to start a life coaching business? Here, AXA breaks down what skills you need and how to get started.

The ins and outs of government small business grants

Back to Business

25 October 2022

Looking to apply for a small business grant? Read AXA’s guide to learn everything you need to know.

Team Repair: AXA Startup Angel Winners 2022
AXA Startup Angel winner: Team Repair

Starting up

5 October 2022

Introducing our AXA Startup Angel winners for 2022: Team Repair.

Muihood - 2022 Winner of Startup Angel
AXA Startup Angel winner: Muihood

Starting up

4 October 2022

Introducing our AXA Startup Angel winners for 2022: Muihood.

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Naming your business and protecting it

Starting up

15 September 2022

Once you find a unique business name, you'll want to protect the use of it.

How To Open Your Own Shop

Starting up

4 August 2022

Got an eye for retail? Here’s how to open your own retail business

A cafe owner outside of their shop, wearing an apron.
How to Open a Coffee Shop

Starting up

17 June 2022

Dream of opening a coffee shop? Find out how to get started.

How to Start a Hairdressing Business

Starting up

15 June 2022

Find out how you can join one of the happiest professions in the UK by starting your own hairdressing business.