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There’s a story behind every business. A big idea. A spark of inspiration that ignited a big ambition. Because it takes courage to start a business. It takes a bold step to push on and do things your way. And when it gets tough, it’s your restless determination that keeps it going. We get it. Because we’re restless too.

Our startup advice collects articles from Business Guardian Angel, inspirational guest posts from real entrepreneurs and practical guides on startup essentials.

Women and manual trades – 5 businesses transforming the landscape

Starting up

21 March 2017

There is still a shortage of women entering trades, however, there are businesses who are actively working to redress the gender balance.

Five trades that need more women

Starting up

21 March 2017

These five professions could use more balance – and here's how to get involved

Why trades are a great option for women

Starting up

21 March 2017

If you're a woman thinking of going self-employed, trades could be the answer

Why Edinburgh is great for startups

Starting up

6 March 2017

The festival, the castle, and now the technological hub for startups in the UK

Pancake Day: why not take a break?

Kelly Jones (Owner, The Manchester Cakehouse) in

Starting up

27 February 2017

The Manchester Cakehouse shows us how to treat your business this Pancake Day

Why more mums are launching businesses

Starting up

24 February 2017

What the trend of 'productive parents' means for the UK business landscape

Spotlight On: Female Entrepreneurs and Inequality

Starting up

17 January 2017

Exploring the meteoric rise of female entrepreneurs and challenging workplace inequality.

Are you ready to start a business?

Starting up

16 December 2016

What you need to know from those who have taken the small business plunge

micro business
Five reasons to go for it and launch a micro-business

Starting up

30 November 2016

Got an idea for a business but need a reason to go for it? Here's AXA's top five reasons to start a micro-business.