Sharing makes us stronger

When times are difficult, sometimes we all need to talk.

We’re working tirelessly to turn innovations into improvements in people’s lives. We’re supporting driverless car pilots, improving how we age and developing new ways to manage our health. And the most exciting thing? The future is closer than you think.

Sharing Makes Us Stronger

Life can get on top of all of us. It could be that overwhelming pressure to perform. Or sometimes the world just feels like a big and lonely place. When times get difficult, it’s good to talk and share how you’re feeling.

Tackling Climate Change

To help build a more sustainable future, we’re funding climate research to forecast the impacts of climate change. We’re also working on policy initiatives for sustainable living and cutting our own use of energy.

Future of Driving

We’re helping to develop autonomous vehicles which will create safer, more accessible and efficient cities. We’re also working with the government to shape laws ready to embrace these autonomous vehicles.

We’re continuously striving to make your life better and safer

Below are just some examples of how


Man with Parinkson's wearing shoes with laser gadget attached for guidance
A step forward for Parkinson’s


1 March 2019

The Path Finder is an innovative technology that provides visual cues to help people with Parkinson’s, or an unsteady and irregular gait, walk with more confidence.

The 71 year old athlete


11 January 2019

Meet one of the UK's leading and record-holding veteran athletes

A person holding a card that reads, "Working to become dementia friendly 2018 to 2019
A Dementia Friendly community


7 January 2019

Meet the community that’s set up to help people with dementia.

Future of ageing
The Future of Ageing


20 December 2018

We’re co-creating a world where people age better and live longer, more fulfilling lives, by researching and supporting innovation around the ageing process.

Empowering women


20 December 2018

We’re making a stand for greater inclusivity and gender equality

Helping the nation to tackle stress


12 December 2018

We strive to help people lead better lives, whether that means protecting their property or helping them stay happy and healthy

The Future Of Driving


15 November 2018

Why we’re working to make driverless cars a reality, sooner

Health Tech & You


5 October 2018

Our awards programme recognising tech ideas which improve people’s lives

How we’re improving driving


1 October 2018

Why we’re working to make driverless cars a reality, sooner