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Know You Can

Self-belief drives every journey

We are all striving to live better lives on many fronts. Like our health, our lifestyles, our homes, our careers and our families’ safety. That can seem overwhelming. But, with the right expertise, support and technology, all your goals are achievable. That’s why we say, “Know You Can”.

Tackling Climate Change

To help us all live more sustainably, we’re funding research to forecast the impacts of climate change. We’re also working on policy initiatives for sustainable living and cutting our own use of energy.

Unlocking The Future of Driving

We can all agree that our cities could be safer, more accessible and efficient. That’s why we’re helping to develop autonomous vehicles and working with the government to shape laws ready to embrace them…

We’re continuously striving to make your life better and safer

Below are just some examples of how

A high school student taking a break with smile in school
Supporting youth mental health with Teach First


9 May 2022

We’re supporting youth mental health by training teachers to spot the signs and triggers of ill mental health. English Teacher Lucy explains how it works.

Illustration two women sat on a park bench while their children play on the slide
The Priority Report

Surveys and reports

5 April 2022

With the cost of living on the rise, what will we spend more money on this coming year and where will we spend less? We surveyed the nation to find out.

Black woman wearing blue shirt laughing in meeting with her colleagues
Breaking the bias: how women are transforming our business

Women in Transformation

4 March 2022

Women are key to our transformation as a business. So we’re supporting them to reach their full potential.

Modern mature woman with glasses wearing grey turtle neck top using laptop at home
"I’ve always worked for organisations I have a strong affinity with"

Anna Matty in

Women in Transformation

3 March 2022

AXA Health’s Chief Operating Officer, Anna Matty explains why people experience is just as important as customer experience, the importance of role models when it comes to encouraging innovation and how she’s empowered to change healthcare for the better.

Mature woman using laptop on table at home
"Leave the superwoman mentality behind, it’s not sustainable"

Shali Vasudeva in

Women in Transformation

25 February 2022

AXA UK&I’s Chief Operating Officer, Shali Vasudeva, talks about the diversity of her role, why she’s always felt comfortable at AXA, plus her tips for a good work life balance.

Woman holding a cup and laughing with her colleague
“It’s not about hours, but about output”

Anna Fleming in

Women in Transformation

22 February 2022

AXA UK Insurance Retail’s Chief Operating Officer Anna Fleming tells us why she’s inspired by the talented women around her, what makes AXA UK different to other insurers and why it is important to be curious and seek new opportunities.

“The insurance industry is at the start of a new transformation journey”

Sam Bagnall in

Women in Transformation

10 February 2022

Sam Bagnall, Commercial Transformation Director, AXA UK, talks to us about spinning plates, the importance of bringing a team together to collaborate, and what motivates her.

Happy multi-ethnic people discussing in meeting at creative office
Building the future through apprenticeships


7 February 2022

We recognise the many benefits that apprenticeships bring, not only for our people who take part, but our business and the wider economy too. To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we spoke to some of our apprentices to see how they’re getting on.

Two female colleagues in office working together
Software Developer Apprenticeship Programme


4 February 2022

Work alongside experienced engineers to learn the skills and technologies to manage a full stack web or mobile application.