Know You Can

Self-belief drives every journey

We are all striving to live better lives on many fronts. Like our health, our lifestyles, our homes, our careers and our families’ safety. That can seem overwhelming. But, with the right expertise, support and technology, all your goals are achievable. That’s why we say, “Know You Can”.

Sharing Makes Us Stronger

Life can get on top of all of us. It could be that overwhelming pressure to perform. Or sometimes the world just feels like a big and lonely place. When times get difficult, it’s good to talk and share how you’re feeling.

Tackling Climate Change

To help us all live more sustainably, we’re funding research to forecast the impacts of climate change. We’re also working on policy initiatives for sustainable living and cutting our own use of energy.

Unlocking The Future of Driving

We can all agree that our cities could be safer, more accessible and efficient. That’s why we’re helping to develop autonomous vehicles and working with the government to shape laws ready to embrace them…

We’re continuously striving to make your life better and safer
Below are just some examples of how

Woman using her phone in kitchen
Claim assessment by video


6 September 2018

Find out how we're saving our home insurance customers' precious time by carrying out claim assessments by video.

Big help for small businesses


14 August 2018

Free help and advice for business owners – always at your fingertips

Your health questions answered quickly


8 August 2018

Call a professional with your question – day or night

Advances in prosthetics technology


30 July 2018

Our support for a project to improve prosthetic surgery outcomes

Inspirational small businesses


24 July 2018

We celebrate the drive and spirit of the smaller enterprises we protect

shutterstock_590018828 - Tile.jpg
Feeling 50,000 years younger


24 July 2018

Our ambitious programme to improve the health age of the nation

Smiling to beat stress


24 July 2018

How the simple act of smiling can actively reduce stress

Innovation is in our DNA


3 July 2018

We’re always searching for new ways to make life safer and just plain better

Saving a flooded business


28 May 2018

How the quick thinking of our claims team came to the rescue