A better future starts today

We’re working tirelessly to turn innovations into improvements in people’s lives. We’re supporting driverless car pilots, improving how we age and developing new ways to manage our health. And the most exciting thing? The future is closer than you think.

The Future of Ageing

We’re co-creating a world where people age better and live longer, more fulfilling lives, by researching and supporting innovation around the ageing process.

How we’re improving driving

We’re helping to develop autonomous vehicles which will create safer, more accessible and efficient cities. We’re also working with the government to shape laws ready to embrace these autonomous vehicles.

We’re continuously striving to make your life better and safer

Below are just some examples of how


Saving a flooded business


28 May 2018

How the quick thinking of our claims team came to the rescue

Man in swimming pool
Longevity: Do we have the genes for it?


27 March 2018

The key to a longer life could be in your genes

Can Big Data solve diabetes?


27 March 2018

Striving for a better understanding of diabetes

The AXA Research Fund


26 March 2018

Find out how we’re supporting researchers around the world as they work to make life better and safer for everyone

Safer driving
Train your brain for safer driving


25 March 2018

See how AXA is supporting research that aims to help people become better drivers and make roads safer.

Our sustainability story

Corporate Social Responsibility

19 February 2018

We’ve massively improved our position in the DOW Jones Sustainability Index. Read on to find out how and why.

Helping defeat dementia


2 February 2018

Find out how AXA has been helping Alzheimer’s Research UK to help defeat the disease.

Working with the Woodland Trust


25 January 2018

Find out how AXA staff are supporting the Woodland Trust

Tireless fundraising


24 January 2018

Read about how we’ve been supporting two charities help to make people’s lives better.