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Know You Can

Self-belief drives every journey

We are all striving to live better lives on many fronts. Like our health, our lifestyles, our homes, our careers and our families’ safety. That can seem overwhelming. But, with the right expertise, support and technology, all your goals are achievable. That’s why we say, “Know You Can”.

Tackling Climate Change

To help us all live more sustainably, we’re funding research to forecast the impacts of climate change. We’re also working on policy initiatives for sustainable living and cutting our own use of energy.

Unlocking The Future of Driving

We can all agree that our cities could be safer, more accessible and efficient. That’s why we’re helping to develop autonomous vehicles and working with the government to shape laws ready to embrace them…

We’re continuously striving to make your life better and safer

Below are just some examples of how

Laura Gooch, CPCR Admin Team Leader working in her study
Working together to progress our careers in challenging times


3 December 2020

Beth Willis-Betts, Becky Hegarty and Laura Gooch reveal how they have been supported through their level 5 CIPD apprenticeship studies.

Jack Whitehall walking his dog
Find your Feelgood Health


28 October 2020

At AXA Health, we believe in a better way to stay healthy. One that’s less about setting extreme goals and more about enjoying yourself. One where we count smiles, not miles.

Man with child on his lap using a laptop computer
Diversity is what makes us great


12 August 2020

These values are absolutely integral to everything we do.

Two hands meeting to form a heart shape
Helping local communities

Corporate Social Responsibility

21 May 2020

We’ve donated £72,000 to 36 great causes helping the most vulnerable members of society.

AXA employee at Pride event holding rainbow flags
Our strides in LGBT + inclusion


18 May 2020

A happy and engaged workforce, that strives to celebrate the diversity of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, enables us to attract the greatest talent and be the very best we can be for all our customers.

Woman in orange jumper and wearing glasses leaning against a wall
Healthcare you don’t have to stop for


19 December 2019

Finding time to look after yourself isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve developed ways to put you in control of your health, even when you’re on the go…

Liverpool Football Club community coach running a session with children
Helping society to share


17 September 2019

It’s time we all started talking to each other more. Spread the word.

Action Nan on beach with litter picker and recycling bag
Action Nan's war on plastic waste


31 July 2019

A recent study found that by 2050, plastic will be responsible for up to 13% of the total ‘carbon budget’. Enter Pat AKA 'Action Nan', joined by climate scientist, Marta, who is working with AXA’s Research Fund to tackle climate change.

Dementia sufferer Anne sat on Motiview bicycle with care worker Zoe by her side
Beating dementia: the bike tech that gives a new lease of life


28 June 2019

Virtual cycle tours of much loved places – or explorations of new ones – boost health and start conversations.