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25 September 2018

Whether you’re starting a business from the beginning, foraying into freelance, or simply trying to turn a much-loved hobby into a money-spinner, the best place to get advice is from those who have talked the talk and walked the walk.

With a successful corporate career, small business, published novel and a short spin in the music industry under his belt, AXA UK’s marketing director, Gordon Rutherford, has embarked on his own broadcasting exploit with the Mini Business Adventures podcast.

Strap yourself in, listen up and get ready to learn a lesson or two as Gordon cuts the spin and gets to the heart of the hard-won experience of self-employed people across the UK.

Explore the episodes:

Episode 1: Talented, creative and broke? Listen on.

Having a creative talent is one thing, but making money from it is quite another. So how do you turn a hobby, talent, or qualification into a money-maker?

Guests: Simon Alterator, Lead Designer at Oliver Marketing and Mike Stevenson, Founder of Thinktastic and Chair of the Scottish Design Exchange.

Episode 2: Is self-employment for you?

Running your own business may boast exhilarating highs but it can be fraught with many hard-learned-lessons too. How does working for ‘the Man’ compare to chasing your entrepreneurial dreams?

Guests: Guests: architectural designer Clare Dales and Mike Stevenson, Founder of Thinktastic and Chair of the Scottish Design Exchange.

Episode 3: Double whammy: starting a business with a young family

Juggling babies with a young business may sound like an impossibly tall order, so how do ‘mumpreneurs’ manage it, and what do they think about that moniker anyway?

Guests: Kayleigh Hall, graphic designer at Hall Creative and Helen Munro, co -founder of bespoke furniture makers Finch London.

Episode 4: Going back to school: how to requalify for career change

Returning to the classroom as an adult is a brave and often financially costly decision. So can you really take your career forward by going back to school?

Guests: Designer Clare Dales, Thinktastic’s Mike Stevenson and Copywriter Andrea Brown.

Episode 5: Working from home – make it a reality!

Loneliness, lack of work-life balance and losing out on water cooler moments are all part and parcel of working from home. So how do you make your home the heart of your business, and how do you do it right?

Guests: Designer Clare Dales and Helen Munro of furniture makers Finch London.

Episode 6: Career Change F.E.A.R.

Two thirds of British people would choose a different job if they could1. So, what’s holding you back? And does it really pay to be brave when your career is on the line?

Guests: Copywriter Andrea Brown and Designer Simon Alterator.

Starting a business is a brave step, and AXA is there with you every step of the way. If you’re ready to take your first steps as a startup, then have a look at AXA's Complete Guide to Starting a Business for all information you need to get going.

1Based on AXA research of 1000 UK adults conducted February 2018

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