The future of ageing

Building a society that lives longer and ages more healthily

We are committed to bringing a better way of ageing closer; by researching and supporting innovation around the ageing process. All to co-create a world where people age better and live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Exploring the role genetics
can have on ageing

Watch Sky’s short documentary about the role our genes play in how long and how well we’ll live, featuring AXA funded researcher Peter Joshi and extreme adventurers, the Turner Twins.


Dementia Friendly Borough

Based in Merton, London, our short documentary shines a light on this very special community and our commitment to train all employees as Dementia Friends.


The secrets of a 71 year old athlete

Angela Copson is one of the UK's leading veteran athletes. Eight marathons and ten world records later, she's a big believer in keeping active in old age.

Listen to our partners discuss our work with ageing on TalkRadio

AXA funded researcher, Dr. Peter Joshi on talkRADIO discussing the impact genetics have on how long we live.

Hear from global adventurers, The Turner Twins, who are helping us uncover what the future of ageing has in store for us.


Dementia: Getting a head start

One of the UK’s biggest healthcare challenges is working towards finding a cure for dementia. With more than a million people expected to be living with the disease by 2025, it looks like technology could hold the solution.

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