The future of ageing

Building a society that lives longer and ages more healthily

We are committed to bringing a better way of ageing closer; by researching and supporting innovation around the ageing process. All to co-create a world where people age better and live longer, more fulfilling lives.

A trip down memory lane

Join our Mental Health Lead as he discovers innovations in dementia. The lead example is a technology that uses a video-enabled bike to allow patients to explore the world, helping them trigger memories and improve their wellbeing.

The Future of Ageing Podcast

Life expectancy is on the rise, but what about healthy life expectancy? This podcast, hosted by Dr Annabel Bentley, Chief Medical Officer at AXA Health, discusses the future of ageing and how AXA is supporting pioneering research into increasing our health-span. She’s joined by guest speakers Eugene Farrell, Mental Health Leader at AXA Health, Jan Vickery, Lead Physiotherapist for AXA Health, and Professor Tom Kirkwood, Chairman of the AXA Research Fund Scientific Board.

We’re helping to unlock the secrets of a long and healthy life

Living longer means an increase in age-related illnesses, such as Dementia, the cost of which will place huge pressure on our healthcare systems.

The AXA Research Fund is supporting research projects, some of which are aiming to understand how we age so that we can find ways to help us live well for longer.

Which of our genes impact life expectancy?

How long we live is, in part, written in our genes. Thanks to the AXA Research Fund, Dr Peter Joshi has been taking a closer look at our genes, mapping which of our 20,000 impact our life expectancy. From this research he is now able to use DNA to successfully predict which of us will live longer or shorter lives.

Can lifestyle changes reduce the risk of dementia?

Over the course of two years, the AXA Research Fund has supported Prof Miia Kivipelto to give those at-risk of dementia a program of healthy eating, muscular and cardiovascular training and brain training exercises, proving that this comprehensive approach reduces their risk.

A link between duplicating DNA and ageing?

When your DNA duplicates it tries to copy itself exactly, but there is still margin for error. These errors, or mutations, were documented to accelerate aging in mice, so with the support of the AXA Research Fund Dr Baggio has been analysing fruit flies to see if this is universal and therefore could occur in humans too.

Projects being supported by the AXA Research Fund

Supporting dementia moves up a gear

Discover the latest innovation in dementia technology that uses a video-enabled bike to allow patients to explore the world; helping them trigger memories and improve their wellbeing.

A step forward for Parkinson’s

The Path Finder is an innovative technology that provides visual cues to help people with Parkinson’s, or an unsteady and irregular gait, walk with more confidence.

Secrets of a 71 year old athlete

Angela Copson is one of the UK's leading veteran athletes. Eight marathons and ten world records later, she's a big believer in keeping active in old age.

Dementia Friendly Borough

Based in Merton, London, our short documentary shines a light on this very special community and our commitment to train all employees as Dementia Friends.

Listen to our partners discuss our work with ageing on TalkRadio

AXA funded researcher, Dr. Peter Joshi on talkRADIO discussing the impact genetics have on how long we live.

Hear from global adventurers, The Turner Twins, who are helping us uncover what the future of ageing has in store for us.

The AXA Stress Index

Studies have shown that stress can accelerate the ageing process and cognitive decline (online survery of 2000 UK adults undertaken for AXA, September 2018 by Opinium Research - Eugene Farrell, Mental Health Lead at AXA Health

Stress affects not only our mental health, but also our physical health, leading to health issues in the longer term. We’ve conducted a study looking at what causes stress and how to reduce it in your day to day life.

The Times newspaper article - “Dementia: Getting a head start

One of the UK’s biggest healthcare challenges is working towards finding a cure for dementia. With more than a million people expected to be living with the disease by 2025, it looks like technology could hold the solution.

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